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Little Shield Davos Stroller 2009/05/22

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Baby, Family, Reviews, shopping.
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DP has never had a brand new pram of his own, as both have been Olivia’s “hand me downs”. We still have the main pram, but I have found that I have been using the stroller more these days as he’s not a baby any more. DP walks now, so the stroller is just for him when he’s too tired, and he naps in it a lot, we need a new one that reclines.

So I had been looking for a while on the internet, and we had a list of requirements — a stable, sturdy one that reclines and is comfortable for DP, with a rain cover  included.  For me, I need it to be easy to manoeuvre, a good height, not too bulky,  black or dark in colour (easier to keep clean), and cheap — preferably under £50 — as this will definitely be our last pram.

Unfortunately, everything on kiddicare (and other sites) seemed to be over our ceiling of £50.

[Picture of our Davos Stroller in Black]kI hung in there, and eventually, I came across the Davos stroller on the ‘Precious little one‘ website on Thursday there — and there was 5% off during May, the whole thing would cost just £39.05 including delivery! It seemed perfect.

So I ordered it on-line, and immediately received an e-mail that it was ready to despatch and would arrive the next working day. Wow, that’s service for you!

Sure enough, it arrived today at 12:30. I found it easy to assemble, but it was a bit trickier to fold away again being so stiff and new. I think we have a good buy here, and on its first outing to the park, it seems pretty good.

It is lighter than the pram, but heavier than the old red stroller, but then again, that could be because it is sturdier.  I am delighted with it so far, and DP seems happier too.


1. Yenie - Baby Strollers Guide - 2009/05/25

I Agree… I had been looking at the website… It’s look so light and not bulky… What color do you choose ? The Air Blue seems beauty…
Happy stroller, DP…..

Mummy Ruth - 2009/05/31

We got black. Daddy Dave thought it would be lighter than it is, so be warned. He ran with it and the front wheels reacted by vibrating and wobbling, so forget this one if you like jogging! It doesn’t recline right back either, but all things considered, it’s fantastic for the money; there’re a lot worse out there for a lot more money! Thanks for the nice comment, bye!

2. Kate Rice - 2009/07/22

Hated this buggy, within 3wks of buying it broke, a screw came loose which made the buggy collapse whilst 6 month old was in it. The nursery where I bought it did not give me a refund, they sent it away to be “fixed” within 2 weeks it had broken again, they finally gave me a new pram which is not very stable, wobbly wheels, does not lie back – I had to go and buy another buggy as shop nor manufacturer would do anything about it, do not buy this pram!

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