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The Pink Princess Bike 2009/06/14

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Oli has been using her old size 12 Barbie bike to get to nursery school all week, and while she loves bike riding, I’d noticed that she’s really outgrown this one.

She needed a size 14, so I talked it over with Daddy Dave. It’s not a straightforward decision, especially when we have so many other things to think about just now — not least being a vacation.

On the downside, it’s not Christmas, and it’s not her birthday so it is pretty difficult to justify such a “big” gift.  Plus — there’s not much of nursery left to get that kind of use out of it, and she won’t use it for going to school after the holidays.

However, on the upside,  we have all summer just ahead,  and the weather’s supposed to be good, so she’ll get use out of it at the park. It ought to last for a good few years, with some adjustments for her growing and getting better — what’s the point of waiting months till Christmas, or even longer till her next birthday? She’s using it NOW.

[Picture of Olivia's new bike]We cannot wait for the special occasions, so we went shopping this weekend, and she fell in love with the Disney Pink Princess Bike at our local Toys “R” Us.

That was that sorted out, we did some quick searching and found the best deal at Argos — so we popped in and got it at Silverburn — they had one left.

It took a good 20 minutes to assemble from the box — we had to remove all the packing, and then attach the font wheel, the handlebars, the seat and the stabilisers all with one spanner tool.

The longest, most annoying part was looking for a bike pump to inflate the tyres.  Daddy Dave searched the cellar twice, as well as most of our cupboards.  Naturally I was the one who actually found it.

So while Daddy Dave and his boy went to the recycling bins with old clothes and her old Barbie Bike, I took Oli out for a spin on her new “Big Girl Bike”, and she loved it!


1. Dark Cloud - 2009/08/16

Yeah, the weather was SUPPOSED to be good….

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