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Well Done Eddie! 2009/09/15

Posted by Daddy Dave in Musings.
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We’ve been following Eddie Izzard’s marathon thingy through Twitter (twitter.com/eddieizzard) and his web site (www.eddieizzard.com).

Cripes! Forty-three marathons in fifty-two days, aged forty-seven and with very little training — and THEN immediately embarking on a forty-four date stand-up comedy tour shows that Eddie is more than a mere “action transvestite”, he’s just amazing.

  • Have finished my 43rd and last marathon. That’s to all who supported and donated and ran. Now I can sleep http://bit.ly/rKdep11:30 PM Sep 15th from Tweetie
  • UK only: text EDDIE to 66609, costs £5 plus standard network rate at least £3.50 goes to Sport Relief. More info at http://bit.ly/2sRdR.12:46 PM Sep 15th from web
  • Up to £43k donated online between 18:30 8th Sept and 23:59 20th Sept 09 will be matched by anonymous donor. Sponsor now! http://bit.ly/rKdep10:12 AM Sep 15th from web

Those were the last tweets on the subject from his  Twitter Account. Awe-inspiring.

Comedians make us laugh, some donate to charity, or do charitable work, but this is way beyond that.  This is epic, and we were pretty amazed at the lack of coverage in the daily press.  This should have been far bigger than it was, and we feel that strongly enough to mention it here and now.

We cannot really see anything particularly selfish in Eddie’s marathons, he’s far from being the model of physical perfection, he’s not looking for sports sponsorship or endorsements — and it cannot really further his career as a comedian or actor.

Whatever he does get out of this, will be hard-earned indeed.  It’s as though he decided to do something so detached and distant from his life and work to avoid any accusations of self-interest.

It was not easy; he’s suffered (and we have witnessed the pictures of his damaged toes on Twitter) altruistically for charity, so well done!

It’s so heartening for us to see someone flying in the face of today’s trends to get things easily, so be a celebrity for no real reason, to do something for others, to make things harder instead of easier — and to actually finish it without some tears or crazy sad back story.

We bow to Eddie Izzard, deeeep respect, sir!


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