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Hawley Good Time 2009/10/12

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[Picture of Our Hawley tickets]I was buying tickets at the O2ABC a few weeks back, and while they sometimes sell tickets for gigs at The Old Fruitmarket, they didn’t have any for Richard Hawley.

Well, as often happens, life got in the way — and by the time we went on-line to get tickets, it was Sold Out. We were pretty disappointed.

Anyhoo — the gig was tonight, so we got papa and Charlie to babysit, and Ruthie and I nipped along to Candleriggs and got tickets at the door — brilliant tickets, and a pop at just £39 for two.

It was just like the Andy McKee/ Tommy Emmanuel gig at City Hall — we strolled along to a nearby pub for a relaxing pint, grabbed something to eat, and arrived fully refreshed for the gig – we were up in the balcony, with full freedom to move about.  What a superb venue. Very atmospheric.

The last time we were in The Old fruitmarket was when Olivia was performing as part of The Scottish Ensemble for Musical Hats with her nursery. But tonight was the brilliant Richard Hawley.

[Picture of Richard Hawley Live at The Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow]Richard Hawley’s stuff is not what anyone would call fast, but he got heckled straight off — a loudmouth in the audience shouted out, asking him to “pick it up” — Hawley quipped that he hadn’t dropped anything.

If I had been playing, that would have put me off a bit, but Old’ Richard carried right on.  A couple of numbers later he told a wee story about writing a soppy love song for his wife; they’d been married over twenty years.  The crowd clapped at this, and Hawley said, “What are you clapping for, she might be a right cow for all you’d know”. He was quite funny, and we all warmed to each other — until another heckle.  When he asked what his wife said when he’d finished his soppy love song, someone shouted out “Did she say it was shite?”.  Hawley said that she did not say “Shite”, but she said “What’s for tea?” and mentioned that the dogs needed walking.  Then more heckles — “What was for tea then?”. Hawley couldn’t quite make out what they were asking, and when he found out, he said, “A lot of bands have plants in the audience, but we’ve got a vegetable!”.

[Picture of Richard Hawley Live at The Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow]A great put down, and then he launched into the soppy love song.  I remember thinking that he could have just laughed, but that I guess he would be on the back foot from the first heckle — he must be thinking that this was a tough crowd.

That’s a shame; most of us we’re fine.  The hecklers weren’t bad, nor too disruptive, Ruthie and I certainly weren’t worried.  Hawley chilled when he got a good reception at the end of the song, and he thanked us all very sincerely for making the choice to come and see him live.

He was gasping for a fag, so the gap between the final song and the encore was about half a fag and a walk to the door and back.  The encore, of course, was The Ocean.

[Picture of Richard Hawley Live at The Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow]It was excellent, and as we were leaving, Ruthie popped to the Ladies.  She came out laughing because she overheard two women talking in the toilet, one saying “Wasn’t the guitar a wee bit too loud on the last song?”.

Yeah, tough crowd.

A wonderful evening.

Hawley doesn’t disappoint — a wide selection of guitars, an ES335, a couple of Gretsch models, and more besides — all lovely models with tremolos and f-holes.  The other guitarist played a load too — he was absolutely fabulous on pedal steel, and powered through “The Ocean” on a 12-string electric.

The band were all in shiny shoes and shiny suits with lovely shiny hair too.

A chap at the back played violin, acoustic guitar and bowed away on a saw (of all things) — fabulous.  The keyboard player looked like he was playing an upright piano, but we heard keyboards of all sorts coming from him.  The drummer was more a percussionist — even playing with his hands. The bass player alternated between bass guitar and upright double bass — and he was a perfect fit for this band.

The star was Richard Hawley — his deep smoky vocal, his guitar playing, his zillion effects pedals!

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and as we made our way home, we paused to watch the Christmas lights going up in Royal Exchange Square.


1. Doris - 2009/10/14

I enjoyed reading that!! Nice to see both a personal touch and lots of real details.

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