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Up! 2009/10/25

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Family, fun, Movies, Reviews.
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[Picture of Up by Disney Pixar]Tonight we all watched “Up” — the new movie from Pixar and Disney. Daddy Dave was brought to tears — big softie!

The kids seemed to enjoy it, which surprised me until I realised that so many so-called children’s movies and books have fairly adult content.

One of Olivia’s favourites is Disney’s “Pinnochio” — which is filled with boys smoking cigars, under-age drinking, gambling, spitting and cussin’ — as well as bullying, abduction and more besides. “Dumbo” has race issues and hallucinogenic drugs. I won’t go on; you get the picture!

“Up” is terribly sad; there is  a miscarriage scene, and a death pretty early on.  The old man is under threat from progress. His childhood hero is tarnished, all that he held dear — the love of his life, their dreams and ambitions, their home — everything ends in ruins.

The counterbalance is the ludicrousness of the whole thing — from the way the kids meet and get on, to the chubby scout and the flying balloon house — and the mad bird and talking dogs.  Great comedy moments.

Great comedy is so often mixed with great tragedy, maybe it’s a depth of emotion thing. Without the dark side, “Up” would just be a daft Saturday morning cartoon.

What I liked about “Up” is that it does not seem to be setting out to sell stuff (except maybe balloons)! It seems more like Bambi and other, older, Disney films because of that — and we have the toys from the Happy meals to know all about marketing kids’ movies!

The great kids’ movies tell a ripping yarn first and foremost, something full of imagination and with sadness and real issues all stirred in. “Up” is sure to be one of them.

“Up” gets the thumbs up from the devines!


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