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Rodrigo y Gabriela 2009/11/26

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[picture of Rodrigo y Gabriela tickets]Daddy Dave and I have been looking forward to tonight’s Rodrigo y Gabriela concert at the O2 Academy for ages. We had the babysitting logistics sorted, but we were nearly foiled by the slow waiting times at the eye hospital for Olivia’s appointment — we were so late that Olivia and I decided to surprise Daddy Dave by showing up at his office in the city centre.  You should have seen his face! We grabbed a speedy junk food drive through and dropped Oli off home before rushing off to the gig.

[embedded video fom YouTube]

It was Dave’s first time at this venue — and because of the type of music, he’d opted for seats this time.  The seats are upstairs — and that is new to me as well. We got a nice view and heard everything, so result! We had to wait nearly two hours — until 21:00 — but it was worth getting to the venue on time because the tickets are not allocated to any particular seat.

Rodrigo y Gabriela are interesting, we noted that they had started using effects pedals, and busking in other people’s toons.  All-in-all it was a good wee night, they got the crowd going, and it was fascinating to see the crowd heave and swell from a great height!

The sound quality was pretty good, and there was a lot of cameras — used to provide a backdrop of artistic close-up black-and-white video images.

Gabriela was hysterical when she cussed in broken English ( must be the Irish influence). I was surprised when they played the introduction of  Al di Meola’s Mediterranean Sundance — I only know that one because Dave plays it!

We were surprised to see that the roles were pretty distinct — she does the complicated right hand rhythm stuff, and he does all the pseudo-Spanish stuff (I only say pseudo because he uses a plectrum). To be honest, we had expected more harmony parts, dialogues, contrapunctal lines, tight, clever, fiddly bits — but hey, what we got was still tremendous fun; they busked a lot of it — and it is so nice to see people riffing off each other.  At the end of the day, Rodrigo y Gabriela are greater than the sum of the parts (as they say), but they seem to be nice and to genuinely like each other, and their big smiles and body language communicated far more than their broken English!


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2. Simon - 2010/01/31

Love Rodgab – genius stuff thanks for posting this. Have you heard Andy Mckee – amazing guitar player – more fingerstyle but incredible stuff http://www.andymckee.com Also for guitar stuff Matt Stevens is good – more Rodgab spanish style – worth a listen http://www.mattstevensguitar.com or Erik Mongrain is amazing as well.


Daddy Dave - 2010/02/01

Thanks for that Simon… we saw Andy McKee (see our review: https://devine.wordpress.com/2007/11/14/andy-mckee-and-tommy-emmanuel/) and know Erik Mongrain and Matt Stevens (and in fact all the Candyrat brigade) well!

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