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Let It Snow! 2009/12/12

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[Picture of the Poster for Let It Snow]We were really looking forward to this afternoon’s “Standard Life: Let it Snow” at The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, presented by “wacky” percussionists Owen Gunnell and Olly Cox.

The Orchestra of Scottish Opera conducted by Gavin Sutherland with the help of  the Manor School of Ballet and members of Les Sirenes female choir– oh, and a special guest star — the fabulous Nicola Benedetti.

We parked at the annoying (and expensive) multi-storey car park across the road, and enjoyed the free concert in the foyer space while we waited for the bell and the start. This was provided by Turnbull High School Jazz band, and they were excellent for a school band let me tell you.

The Royal Concert Hall, when doing a Children’s Concert, ought to know that a lot of children will be there — so it would have been a great help to put up notices or something to the effect that prams are not allowed.  We took a while to find out to find out where we could store ours, and it added to the rushing about before and after the show.

[Oli conducts the orchestra]Another wee thing: we waited ages to pick up our pre-booked tickets in the line specifically for pre-booked tickets!  How long does it take to hand over tickets? Jeez!

Then we noticed that our tickets were all marked £7.25 each — and the tab came to 4 x £7.25 (£29) plus a quid booking fee — £30.  Yet the posters all said children’s seats were all £6.  Turns out that two adults are £10 each (£20) plus two kids at £6 each (£12) comes to £32, plus fee, £33.  Instead of taking off £3 for the Family Ticket, the “computer” reprices all the seats to £7.25.

Maybe that’s why the queue was so slow for pre-booked tickets!

[Picture of The Kids in their seats for the concert]Anyway, it was not a bad show, and it was a good test for DavePaul (to see if he could behave well).  He got a bit restless toward the end, but we were pleasantly surprised — and encouraged (we can now take him to things like cinemas and shows).

Nicola Benedetti was fun, if only we were closer — but we didn’t want to risk it in case DavePaul didn’t like it!

All-in-all it was okay.  I personally feel they could have made it even more fun (it dragged at times) and a bit more Christmassy (it ended with the Galop from Rossini’s William Tell Overture, and a large bit was the music from the Motion Picture “Home Alone”).

[Picture of the Ballet Dancers]However, Olivia liked the wee ballet dancers doing Tchaikovsky’s Dance of the Snowflakes from the Nutcracker and the kids loved jangling their keys and singing “Frosty The Snowman”, while we liked Nicola doing the last movement of the Bruch Violin Concerto No 1 in G minor.

Hey, there are worse things to do on a freezing foggy Saturday afternoon!

In the evening, we all trooped along to Trisha’s bash, watched a bit of X-Factor, played guitars, laughed at the zillions of kids messing about together, and quaffed and scoffed at the buffet.

A lovely day, but — oh boy, very cold and extremely foggy. Brrrr.  Coal fire tomorrow!


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