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Christmas Dinner Goosed! 2009/12/23

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Cooking, Family, shopping.
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O yeah I had a plan. We’re doing Christmas, it’s the new oven, new kitchen, new dining scenario and all that.  I pre-ordered an ASDA grocery shop on-line on the 12th.  That is to say, AGES AGO. What could possibly go wrong?

The delivery slot was 11am to 3pm.  Of course it came today at 3pm.


Thanks for that.

As I was putting everything away — all £70 of it — I noticed a few omissions… like the main feature — the BIRD!

No bird and loads of other wee things too.  How could this happen? That is Christmas RUINED!!!

Thanks ASDA — the man delivered and scooted.  No wonder too.  Not a mention, no substitution, nada, zilch zipporoonie.


So I called Daddy Dave.  He was in the city centre having lunch with a client.  He dashed off to Mark’s and just managed to get a turkey.  He said they were flying off the shelves (now there’s a weird thought). No duck, and no Goose was left.  It was turkey or nothing.

What a stroke of luck.  Christmas was saved! Hurrah!

Moral of story – when it’s THAT important, always have a plan B. I thought I had it covered.  I didn’t want a bird delivered too early, so I thought the 23rd was just right — and it would have been had the slot not been 3pm. To be sure, next time it will be earlier to give me time to get plan B going (that is to get something from the local shops myself). Merry Christmas when it comes!


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