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Home-Made Ravioli 2010/04/12

Posted by Daddy Dave in Cooking.
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A few years back I published a post called “Home-Made Pasta” where I described my pasta making routine.  I’ve made pasta like that loads of times — that is until recently.

I have amended my ways.  I have seen the light.  I know the secret to making home-made pasta at last!

In the old recipe, I used loads of oil and loads of eggs because I was using the wrong flour!  The secret is to hunt down the rough, sandy-textured flour called “Semolina”.  It only needs one egg and no oil, so it has to be healthier!

The main thin is that it is so much better to work with; less messy, not at all sticky, and much stronger when rolled out thinly.  With this, you can make fresh pasta without the old worries of it being floppy and sloppy.

Try my recipe, oh, and by the way, you will have loads of the dough left (well, enough to make it once or twice again).

Work Time: 15 mins
Rest Time: 30 mins
Makes:  enough for 4


  • Kitchen Scales;
  • Large mixing bowl for ricotta;
  • Clean counter top;
  • Cotton tea towel;
  • Pasta machine;
  • Pan for boiling water;
  • Mesh or slatted spoon for withdrawing raviolis from water;
  • teaspoon;
  • mixing spoon for ricotta;
  • Chopping knife and board for spinach

Shopping List:

  • 450g Flour [Semolina];
  • 250g Ricotta cheese (1 tub);
  • 2 eggs [size 3];
  • Salt and Pepper;
  • Spinach;
  • warm water as required

To Make Fresh Pasta From Scratch:

[Picture of Semolina with egg in well]Weight out 450 grammes of Semolina then pour onto the counter top.  Make a well and crack in the raw egg.  Start kneading and keep adding small amounts of warm water until you have a ball of dough and no crumbs. This should not be very sticky, messy or wet. Takes about 2 minutes.

[Picture of Pasta dough ball in towel]Wrap the dough ball in a cotton tea towel and set aside for 30 mins for the gluten to relax.

Next, empty the tub of Ricotta into the mixing bowl, season, add an egg, and mix thoroughly.  Chop spinach, add to bowl and mix in.

[Picture of me mixing ricotta with egg]When the pasta is ready, cut off a bit, feed it through the sheet setting of the pasta machine (or use rolling pin) to produce a long thin sheet of pasta, lay down carefully on the floured counter top. Repeat.

Using a teaspoon, put a teaspoon sized blob of filling onto the pasta sheet, add another blob 50mm along and so on until you run out of sheet.

Lift the other sheet of pasta, and carefully place on top to sandwich the ricotta blobs between two long thin pasta sheets.

[Picture of espresso cup as pasta cutter]Place an upside down espresso cut or cookie cutter over each blob, press and turn to make little closed pasta parcels – ravioli. Dust with flour and set aside. Note that you do not need an egg wash, a special crimper or anything to keep the edges closed tight.

Boil water in a big pan, salt and add the raviolis.  They will rise to the surface when ready — in a minute or two.  Drain and serve.

[Picture of boiling raviolis] [Picture of the finished raviolis]


This is great with a tomato sauce or ragú, or with olive oil or butter and parmesan.  Experiment with fillings at will.



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