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Tera! 2010/04/18

Posted by Daddy Dave in Reviews, Tips and Tricks.
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I don’t know why, but over the last few days I have started fretting over loss of data — the kids’ pictures, work, rare music.

You see, a few years back we had problems with laptops.  It is hard to back-up data when the CD drive dies or when the power can suddenly cut in the middle of the transfer.

We lost some data, and vowed that we would never again get into this situation. The first thing we did was forget POP3 mail and go with webmail — G-mail and Yahoo in the main.

Most viruses and Trojans arrive by e-mail and they use the native e-mail to send themselves on.  Webmail seemed like a perfect solution — plus it is easy to access the mail folders anywhere and at any time on any device — including mobile cellphones.

Next we bought an external hard drive.  We got a 500 GB Western Digital “Elements” and put all our business files there.  We added the digital photographs and videoclips of the kids, the mp3 files and avi movies. The idea was to keep the laptops free of clutter and give us a central point for all out stuff.

There is still a decent amount of space on it, and it has served us well for a couple of years — but what would happen if it failed? The laptops don’t have that kind of storage, and what a hassle using both.  I thought of burning to DVDs, but it seemed like a step back into the bad old days of the past.

  • Fact is that all mechanical-electrical devices will fail sometime — eventually.  Nothing lasts forever.

Prices have dropped quite dramatically for externals, and moreso for terabyte storage. I saw the bigger version of ours —  the 1TB external HDD — on Amazon, I read the reviews, made up my mind, and then went to my local Tesco to buy it for a fiver more.

I downloaded SyncToy from Microsoft, plugged in the new HDD and in a few hours I had copied everything from the half-tera to the tera.

What a relief to know that we have a back-up copy of our important stuff (and also the not-so-important stuff) all for under 65 quid.  Well worth it.



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