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Titanium! 2010/07/25

Posted by Daddy Dave in Cooking, Reviews, shopping, Tips and Tricks.

I have a client who raves about the Woll (pron. “v-aw-l” )Titanium pan his wife bought at an Ideal Home Exhibition.  Fat-free frying and delicious food too. I was intrigued enough to track down the following videoclip on youTube:

The pans are made by Norbert Woll GmbH in Germany.  The website is www.woll-cookware.com. They are very expensive (check out the prices on the Bamix Direct Cookware site), but oil-free cooking would be perfect for us.

The video is pretty impressive, and my client is pretty convincing, so I looked up the reviewcentre and found a mixed bag of reviews.  I checked out other reviews for other products to gauge the worth of the site, and when compared within this context, the Woll pans reviews are superb!  At the end of the day, you cannot make everyone happy all of the time.

In general, it seems that these pans are great, but if you use oil, they might degrade, then again, as they have a lifetime guarantee, you simply get them replaced.  I am not sure if you need a receipt as the pan is stamped “Woll”  on the bottom, it would surely be a case of contacting Woll directly. Maybe that is too much fuss for some reviewers.  So £70 for a pan might seem dear, but if it is for life, and it produces healthier food, it might be worth considering.

From what I can ascertain, it is good that the handles detach for three design reasons: (a) the handle stays cooler than the pan, (b) the handle detaches for putting the pan (and food) in the oven, and (c) storage space is optimised in cupboards when the handle can be removed. Woll do that.

It also seems to be a good idea to buy pans that do not have rivets or screws breaking the cooking surface, trapping fats that get cooked again and again and produce weird chemicals. Woll do that.

I guess dishwasher safe is not really an issue if you can clean the pan better and safer as per the video.

Titanium and Titanium oxide are really good at cleaning and are used to kill bugs.  Titanium pans are so lightweight they tend to be used by mountaineers and campers.  Cookware that is titanium coated is more hygienic than PTFE or Teflon.

It’s just the expense.

So imagine my surprise to discover a Titanium coated pan in Lidl supermarket for just £13.  Naturally I bought one to see if it is any use.  So far so good, it certainly cooks without oil alright, but there’s no lid with it. It is a heavy stainless steel pan with a titanium coating, it feels solid and looks lovely. I’ll keep you posted.



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