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Robey 2010/08/04

Posted by Mummy Ruth in fun, Kids.
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[Picture of Robey The Diet Coke Robot]The kids love to do arts and crafts, and we have a big cupboard filled with felt, paper, paint, pens, scissors, wool, glue, glitter and things like that.  However, tonight Daddy Dave was helping, and the kids wanted to make a robot.

Well, we started to look for things we could use — and in the recycle bin were some diet coke bottles.  Olivia spotted a cardboard box that once held diet coke cans.

“That can be the body” said Daddy Dave.

“Yes. Legs, daddy?” said DP holding the plastic bottles.

“Yes, OK.” Said Daddy Dave stabbing the box with a knife.

The bottles were simply pushed into the crosses cut with the knife. DP started laughing and clapping.

“We need arms and a head”  Daddy Dave announced, scratching his chin.

Olivia found two diet coke cans, “What about these Daddy?”

“Aha” said Daddy Dave, “Let me fetch some Duct Tape”

After the cans were taped on with the kids’ help, Daddy Dave suggested that a smaller box was needed for the head, so a search of the house began.

“What about this?”

“No – yer mother’d kill us”

This, Daddy?”

“No; smaller

“O! I know!” shouted Olivia running into the kitchen.

She returned with a portion-sized cereal box.  We opened it out, removed the cereal in its bag.

“Yes, perfect, well done Oli — pass me the Duct Tape”

Soon the Robot had bottle-top eyes Duct-Taped on, and Oli made a smile from card — but DP stuck it on.

A pipe cleaner became the antenna — DP nearly wrecked the whole thing trying to stab it through. Bless.

They set about decorating the robot. Oli gave him a heart, and then buttons.

Suddenly, there he was — finished and standing on his own!

“What are you going to call it?” I asked glancing over at Daddy Dave.

“Robey!” smiled Oli.

“Yes, he’s Robey. A Robot!” squealed DP

“Is it a boy robot?”

“Oh yes!” they chimed as if we were daft to suggest anything else.

[Picture of Robey The Robot]Daddy Dave took a photo of Robey in the kitchen.  They then proceeded to play with Robey for the rest of the evening — he had a picnic with the bears and dolls, and even caught a nap under Oli’s blanket on the “naughty chair” bench-cum-robot bed.

So. Now. We have a pile of taped together junk around the house like an unwelcome relative. The kids love Robey, so what can y’do? It’s like a really bad Diet Coke commercial as well. Tell you what, it won’t win any prizes, but it was great fun, and somehow — against all odds, has remained surprisingly intact through rough play (despite my best efforts so far) LOL.

The kids said the immortal phrase, the first metallic-y words of every robot ever:

“I. AM. A. ROBOT!”


1. Zelda - 2010/08/20

Yeah why is it all robots have to say “I am a robot”???? ROFL. Funny post thx

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