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Bus Mess 2010/09/25

Posted by Daddy Dave in Family, Reviews, Whinge.
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[Bus tickets inward]DP has never been on a bus, so we decided that we would take a double decker into the city centre and back to give him that experience. Ruthie and I had never been on a bus together, and we have never travelled on a bus as a family, so what a brilliant idea!  (more…)

Certified Copy 2010/09/16

Posted by Mummy Ruth in fun, Movies, Reviews.
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[Still from Certified Copy the Movie]We went to the GFT last night to see “Certified Copy“.  WELL WORTH SEEING. **** We somehow managed to get a parking ticket after 8pm!  We always park there, and have always assumed the rule to be anything goes after 6pm. Oh well, 30 quid onto the ticket price for the first night out we’ve have in 18 months. (more…)