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Certified Copy 2010/09/16

Posted by Mummy Ruth in fun, Movies, Reviews.

[Still from Certified Copy the Movie]We went to the GFT last night to see “Certified Copy“.  WELL WORTH SEEING. **** We somehow managed to get a parking ticket after 8pm!  We always park there, and have always assumed the rule to be anything goes after 6pm. Oh well, 30 quid onto the ticket price for the first night out we’ve have in 18 months.

The film was excellent. Basically it’s just two people — that’s some amount of acting right there.  A whole movie with just two parts! next in the mix of amazement is the fact that it is multi-lingual — she speaks — no, she acts in three languages, he does it in two. Pretty stunning.

This is about differences and similarities.

  • There are three languages, but the story is common to all.  Despite the languages, we’re all the same really.  Everyone is individual but somehow the same. A copy or an original?

Ruthie and I had fun talking about this film afterwards as we ate chicken in a wee place on  Sauchiehall St., but really — and most importantly, the film works in and of itself — you can have a good time without debate, without serious analyses.  And that’s saying something.

A row back and a few seats along in Cinema 2 of the GFT were a bunch of girls who made the film come alive with their gasps and their laughter.

The film is about an English bloke who wrote a book called “Certified Copy”, a fan and friend of the editor/ publisher want to share a work of art —  a fresco that was once thought to be an original, but which was found to have been a copy of an original in Herculaneum. A coffee shop owner assumes they are a couple, and this sparks a game where the two pretend to have a fifteen year long marriage! Bizarre premise – yes, but somehow plausible.

[William Shimell and Juliet Binoche]The film ends at exactly the moment when you think this is getting too weird.  It goes just exactly far enough to explore and lay bare emotions and truths in all relationships… and most importantly of all, to show that there is hope, that there is a form of mutated mature love, if pretence can be undefended for a moment. The couple unravel past relationships amidst an on-going sequence of weddings. Kiarostami and Binoche at the peak of their game, and Shimell is a pretty amazing screen actor for an opera star baritone, he blew us away!

Award winning stuff surely!


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