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Larry Carlton! 2010/10/30

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[Our Darvel Tickets for Larry Carlton]Unbelievable, but true… one of my heroes from when I was a teenager decided to do a gig in Darvel.  Yep, Darvel Town Hall. We couldn’t believe it, and as soon as we found out we rushed to get tickets at any cost. The great Larry Carlton, ladies and gentlemen! But Darvel? (more…)

Heroes Versus Villains 2010/10/30

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[Picture of the kids at concert Hall]Last year we took the kids to the Royal Convert Hall to see “wacky” percussionists Owen Gunnell and Olly Cox with Nicola Benedetti in “Let It Snow!“, and today at 3pm we saw them again — in “Heroes versus Villains” Children’s Classic Concerts at the concert hall again. How appropriate; tonight we’re off to see one of Daddy Dave’s musical heroes in concert. (more…)

Whatever Works 2010/10/23

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[picture of the cover of Whatever works]Ruthie and I just watched Woody Allen’s “Whatever Works” which came out last year.  We thoroughly enjoyed this film in all respects.

It is very New York — which is good for us; NY has been out of fashion for too long!  Larry David is brilliant as Boris Yelnikoff a grumpy old man and typical New York Jew.  We roared with laughter at times; it is a film filled with glee. But most of all it is the subliminal, underlying wisdom that clinched it for us. This film is sooo true — but in extremis! (more…)

Waste Matters 2010/10/20

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[Picture of half-litre of Laevolac]Poor Oli — she’s been constipated all week.

I took her to the GP open surgery first thing Monday morning.  We waited an age outside in the rain in line, then we waited ages indoors in the crowded waiting room.

The female GP was quite efficient as it was cold. She decided pretty quickly that a prescription of Laevolac would be in order.  (more…)

Bad Skin Cream 2010/10/20

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Oli has always had sensitive skin, so we watch the washing and laundry products we buy and use.

However, eczema appeared on her wee hands, and so we have been using cream to moisturise and protect her skin there.

The eczema seemed to be getting worse of late, so I have been particularly attentive in applying the BP cream — that is until I read a scary article at (more…)

Wil! 2010/10/03

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We had a laugh on Friday morning at work.  I was declared to be looking like Terry Christian or Kevin Spacey, while David looked like Roy Hudd, Lynda looked like Family Guy’s Peter Griffin (but with Lois’s hair), Laura looked like a brunette Gwyneth Paltrow, and Michael looked like Chris Moyles or Andre Agassi.  The best was Wil — who looked like Murdoc from Gorillaz!

I was explaining all this to Ruthie after work by showing her videos from Youtube — and now the kids think the character of Murdoc is actually called “Wil”.  They actually LOVE Gorillaz’s music and have now watched all their HD videos several times — how mad is that.

Each time Murdoc appears, they shout in chorus “Wil!!!!”

My life is weird, non?

Here’s an embedded clip of Stylo from Gorillaz on YouTube.com…