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Bad Skin Cream 2010/10/20

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Health, Kids, real life, Tips and Tricks.
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Oli has always had sensitive skin, so we watch the washing and laundry products we buy and use.

However, eczema appeared on her wee hands, and so we have been using cream to moisturise and protect her skin there.

The eczema seemed to be getting worse of late, so I have been particularly attentive in applying the BP cream — that is until I read a scary article at the Mail on Line (The cure with a sting: Eczema cream meant to soothe ‘makes skin WORSE’ 19 Oct 2010 Daily Mail).

‘For years people with eczema have been advised by doctors to use a cheap emollient cream to soothe their irritated skin.

‘But researchers have now discovered that aqueous cream BP can make the condition worse.

‘Tests show a detergent contained in the cream thins the skin and actually causes irritation.’

Good grief! Poor Oli.

We immediately stopped applying the cream, and already (a day or so on) I’ve seen an improvement in her skin quality by using a different product — one that doesn’t contain sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS).


1. Mummy Ruth - 2010/11/06

We have found a superb cream: Aveeno. We would highly recommend it. http://www.aveeno.co.uk/

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