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Waste Matters 2010/10/20

Posted by Daddy Dave in Health, Kids, Musings, Whinge.
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[Picture of half-litre of Laevolac]Poor Oli — she’s been constipated all week.

I took her to the GP open surgery first thing Monday morning.  We waited an age outside in the rain in line, then we waited ages indoors in the crowded waiting room.

The female GP was quite efficient as it was cold. She decided pretty quickly that a prescription of Laevolac would be in order.  She looked up her book to see what a five and a half year old could have — it stated up to four teaspoons twice a day.

To be on the safe side she said she’d prescribe for three teaspoons twice a day.

I was concerned as it had been a week already, but the GP reassured me that the Lactulose solution (3.3g/5ml Oral Solution) would work gently, but get results within two to three days.

And that was that.  Mummy Ruth got the prescription at the dispensing chemist, and we’ve administered it to great effect.

  • But the thing that gets me is the waste.

Allow me to try to explain: the dose is three 5 ml spoonfuls twice a day (maximum of four 5 ml spoonfuls twice a day) — and the whole episode ought to take no more than say three days — so that’s a maximum of 20 ml twice  a day for three days, which is a max. of 40 ml/day.

In total we’d only need three days at 40 ml/day — or 120 ml. maximum, and realistically it would be 90 ml or less.

So why did the NHS give us a massive half litre bottle of the stuff? I was surprised when I saw what we got as I was expecting a wee stubby bottle. 82 per cent of this will be poured down the toilet!

If we are supposed to be making savings to sort out the economy, we could start right there — a simple bit of basic arithmetic can be used to save millions of pounds over the whole country over a year, dontcha think?


1. Lynne Hunter - 2010/10/23

I agree with the waste, but please don’t tell me you pour unused medicines down the loo? My gran has a thing about that too. Take ’em back to the chemist to dispose of!

2. Mummy Ruth - 2010/10/23

Hi Lynne,
It’s a turn of phrase, but ironic in that we’re talking poo here!
Love Ruthie

3. Lynne Hunter - 2010/10/24

AHA! I was about to weep for the future of the planet! Glad to hear you don’t – grannie is wont to accept the medicine from the doctors and then proudly declare that they are all a bunch of quacks and she has tipped her entire prescription down the loo….NOOOOOOOO! Hope the wee lass is feeling better! Love Lynne

4. Jane - 2010/10/27

How’s the wee yin now?

5. Mummy Ruth - 2010/10/31

Ach, it did the trick in a couple of days, she’s right as rain now and back to herself.

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