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Lunar Eclipse/ Solstice 2010/12/21

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[Picture of the lunar eclipse above the clyde 2010]I saw the lunar eclipse this morning.  This was my first eclipse, and so also my first lunar eclipse.  In fact, I often read about meteor showers or Mars being visible and think to myself that I will definitely remember to take a look later that night — and then I forget all about it. Today was no different, I knew about it, and I promptly forgot — until I was faced with it!  It was right ahead of me, and it was wonderful!

The cold air meant that the light was sharp and the colours bright.  I stopped on the bridge with a small group of wonderers, and we just gazed at the spectacle in the south west sky.  The shadow of our planet darkened out the moon, and then it appeared as a pinky red ring, with a red diamond.  Of course I tried to take a picture with my rubbish camera phone, but frankly I don’t think I could have really captured the event with any camera.

It was really cold, and it made my day.  To mark the winter season, the office heating broke down — ice trapped condenser fins.  Had to try to work all day with cold hands. Brrrr.

Flatware 2010/12/20

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I was slightly conned when I bought cutlery years ago, and so we are looking for new cutlery/ flatware now and hope this is of some help to others. (more…)

Office Party! 2010/12/19

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Yep. It’s that time of year again.  My gawd, how fast does time have to fly; it seems only like yesterday that I was quaffing in the city centre bars with clients and colleagues. Crivvens.

Anyways. This year I noticed that my main client was making lots of folk redundant, and so I reckoned I would escape the Christmas “do” for once.  Instead of rolling along at great expense, I decided to do the old self-employed thing of having a night out with my lovely wife, Ruthie. (more…)

Cooking Up Confusion 2010/12/14

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Yogurt aisle in Sainsbury'sI quite often look up recipes on the internet, but this brings in problems — not just translating between measurements, but also translating what things are called.  To be honest, this drives me crazy at times, and to make matters worse, some of the US American terms can actually be found in supermarkets over here!  For example, I can buy “Baking Soda” right from the shelf, yet it is a North American term for Bicarb!  I have seen Bistro menus in Glasgow using “Zucchini” instead of “Courgette”.  All the British and European supermarkets have signs above the aisles for “Yogurt“, only the American-owned ASDA uses the American spelling, “Yoghurt”. Yet it seems that “Yoghurt” (with the ‘h’) is proper English!

Yogurt aisle in TescoI guess if we were French, we would receive specially translated software, movies, novels and recipes.  The trouble with being British is that we just get the untranslated straight American stuff, and this makes us think we know what we’re talking about when we don’t always — I didn’t know they called Yorkshire Puddings “Pop-overs” until recently, and I have heard of “Scallions” for ages without knowing that this is simply syboes!  So I have decided here to put a table of terms in the hope that it might help someone sometime! (more…)

Christmas Carnival 2010/12/12

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[Poster for Christmas Carnival with RSNO in Glasgow]Almost exactly a year ago we all went along to “Let it Snow!” at The Royal Concert Hall, so we decided to do it again.  Yesterday’s concert had no Nicola Benedetti, and it has not been a year since we last saw Owen Gunnell and Olly Cox, as we went (more…)