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Christmas Carnival 2010/12/12

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[Poster for Christmas Carnival with RSNO in Glasgow]Almost exactly a year ago we all went along to “Let it Snow!” at The Royal Concert Hall, so we decided to do it again.  Yesterday’s concert had no Nicola Benedetti, and it has not been a year since we last saw Owen Gunnell and Olly Cox, as we went along on 30 October to see them in “Heroes versus Villains”.

The Orchestra of Scottish Opera conducted by Gavin Sutherland did “Let it Snow!“, but since then there has been a new partnership deal struck between the Children’s Classic Concerts and The Royal Scottish National Orchestra that makes the RSNO (Scotland’s national symphony orchestra) the sole orchestra for these orchestral concerts in Glasgow and Edinburgh, securing the future of the family concert series for three concerts at The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and two concerts at The Usher Hall in  Edinburgh. “Heroes versus Villains” was the first in the series, and this “Christmas Carnival” is the second. Both were conducted by the newly appointed RSNO Assistant Conductor, Mr. Christian Kluxen — in fact, “Heroes versus Villains” was his début for The RSNO!  The next one is in March 2011 — Celtic Fling! Children’s Classic Concerts are sponsored by La Bonne Auberge across the road.

[Oli, DP and Mummy Ruth at Concert Hall]Now, I have to say that I thought the RSNO was wonderful.  I don’t actually like the acoustics of The Royal Concert Hall, seriously.  We always seem to be under the gallery, and the sound seems to be passing us by or in another room.  Maybe one day we’ll fork out the big money for a balcony seat or stalls where we can get surround sound and full volume!

The result of being slightly detached from the music is usually that you hear timing mistakes and discords more clearly than the intended sound-scape! But this afternoon, this was not an issue; the RSNO was superb, rich, tight, and lush at times.

The highlights were the Shostakovich Festive Overture and the Cinderella pieces from the brilliant Prokofiev.  DP recognised Tchaikovsky’s Trepak from The Nutcracker, shouting, “Hey that’s ‘Tom and Jerry’!”  I thought they were stunning — and in complete contrast to the Hollywood musicality of the Bissill stuff — deliciously dreamy, movie enchantment!

[Picture of kids' lights during the classic concert]Oli and Owen got everyone, even the adults, to do daft actions to The Twelve Days of Christmas and the Theme to “Ski Sunday”. They even got us to try copying the wee lassies from The Manor School of Ballet! Great fun! Well worth the £7.25 each, and DP did not fall asleep this time!


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