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Office Party! 2010/12/19

Posted by Daddy Dave in nights out.
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Yep. It’s that time of year again.  My gawd, how fast does time have to fly; it seems only like yesterday that I was quaffing in the city centre bars with clients and colleagues. Crivvens.

Anyways. This year I noticed that my main client was making lots of folk redundant, and so I reckoned I would escape the Christmas “do” for once.  Instead of rolling along at great expense, I decided to do the old self-employed thing of having a night out with my lovely wife, Ruthie.

I got the babysitter arranged (ta, granny), and we went into the city on Friday night with the intention of hitting the bars, grabbing a bite and then maybe doing a bit of clubbery or clubbing or clubosity or whatever.  Mind you, it was arctic/ baltic, so we didn’t mess about too much to be honest.

We nipped into Lucky Seven Canteen on Bath Street for drinks, then went onto a small, cosy southern Indian restaurant on Sauchiehall Street, where we had a delicious meal, we decided to get south of the river before the madness started, and so we finished off our company night out in Shawlands before heading home in the wee sma’ hours.

Merry Christmas office workers everywhere!


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