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Hits! 2011/01/16

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Just a quick thank-you to everyone in internet world for all the weird and wonderful things that have been happening with our sites and blogs — especially for getting a picture of our daughter, Oli, aged just two-and-a-half onto the first page of Reddit.  The hits for this — our wee family blog also went ballistic.  Oh, and (completely unrelated), thanks to all those at Flikr for the stuff surrounding the picture of DP at Kelvingrove Art Galleries — he was just 7 months old at the time.  Funny how these two pictures are from the same year (2007).

[Picture of Olivia as Stephanie from Lazy Town] The Harpy Celaeno

Thanks too for all the comments, good and bad; we laughed out loud at times. Great fun! Cheers!

Slimming Tips from the BBC 2011/01/14

Posted by Daddy Dave in Health, Musings, Reviews, Tips and Tricks.
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We were sent a link to the BBC iPlayer for “10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight”.  It purported to have the very latest scientific tips on losing weight.  It featured Dr Michael Mosely — the chap doing the brain programmes for the BBC.  He didn’t look fat, but scans showed that he was fat on the inside. That was surprising; we’d always assumed that only those who were fat on the outside got fat on the inside.

Frankly, we were surprised that there was a surprise — and also that there was another surprise in the programme.  Hey, TWO things were didn’t actually know beforehand — well done BBC! (more…)

Happy New Year! 2011/01/01

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The entire devine family would like to wish all or readers, friends, lurkers, cyberpals, family and colleagues a very happy new year, and looking ahead, a happy new decade as well!

Let’s hope it will be as superb as the past decade.

Looking back (briefly), we have had the very best possible decade, and 2010 was our best year so far!  We know it doesn’t get any better.

To get the new year off to a super-start, we have decided to (more…)