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Happy New Year! 2011/01/01

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Musings.
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The entire devine family would like to wish all or readers, friends, lurkers, cyberpals, family and colleagues a very happy new year, and looking ahead, a happy new decade as well!

Let’s hope it will be as superb as the past decade.

Looking back (briefly), we have had the very best possible decade, and 2010 was our best year so far!  We know it doesn’t get any better.

To get the new year off to a super-start, we have decided to make some changes again.  We completely renovated the place in 1990 and again in 2000 when Daddy Dave came back home from Sweden. After another decade, changes are needed!

We are going to start by painting the porch doors a cheery colour — we’ll let Oli pick the colour.  The porch doors are the “face” or our home, and we need a facelift! They are massive — two doors about 3 metres high, all very typical Glasgow tenement stuff.

Originally, these doors were a wood finish — a traditional fake grain effect, but after the door was kicked in during a burglary back 20-something years ago, we’ve had metal plates, and so it has had to be painted ever since.  We get tired of the colour and have a big change every five or so years, and it’s been post-box red, Lincoln green, and cream — but Oli’s only ever seen it as off-white, so I wonder what she’ll pick.

The big debate is whether to do the cellar and the front door the same colour. We’ll see.  It will have to be the very first job because these doors cannot be closed for ages until the paint dries, which means it has to be done before we all start back at work and school so we can be here to keep an eye on our possessions!

We have loads of other projects to do in the first quarter, it’s going to be messy and noisy for a while, but the end will be worth it.

Onwards and upwards!



1. Daddy Dave - 2011/01/02

Thanks to everyone for their kind comments here (and all those best wishes too). By the way, Oli picked bright red, and it looks just as good as I remember it! The first coat is done, and the gloss smell is everywhere, yuk!

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