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Male Birth 2011/06/08

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Musings, real life.
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[Picture of typical big building site]Daddy Dave always says that building things is male birth — the male equivalent of giving birth.  Lots of screaming, months of gestation, hours of labour and lost sleep, anxiety, worry, feelings of impossibility and inevitability. Utter fear, then look at how wonderful this THING is — gorgeous in every detail!

Daddy Dave has handed over his workload for the past two-and-a-half-years ot the people who will develop it on and actually realise it.  It’s a pretty momentous occasion, and the feeling of stress-being-lifted is as clear as day.

This is a weird adjustment and realignment period for us.  This is Daddy Dave’s baby we’re talking about here — and it’s a real big one too.  It’s gonna change this city forever! Drinkiepoos anyone?