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La Traviata 2011/07/16

Posted by Daddy Dave in fun, Music, nights out.
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Isn’t the Internet superb at times?

La Traviata website page from Aix en Provence festival 2011

We all crushed together on the sofa and watched a lot of Rio before the kids got sleepy.  We popped them off to bed, with plans to watch the rest of the movie another time.

I checked twitter, and saw the London Symphony Orchestra tweet about a Live performance of La Traviata being streamed live from The festival international d’art lyrique at Aix-en-Provence.  I have plans to go there with the kids when they are older, it’s every year and in the Scottish school holidays. Ruth and I LOVE Provence, and my family are said to originate from that area.

OK, so I missed Act I and some of Act II — but without twitter, I would have missed it entirely!  Natalie Dessay had some interesting sparkly eye liner, and the live stream was subtitled.

Aix en Provence festival screengrab of live performanceThis is a very exiting development.  We have noticed recently that cinemas are broadcasting live performances from the Met and from London too. Now the internet — ah, no buffering, great quality! check out ARTE Live Web.

This is a really excellent production; Natalie Dessay is actually a superb actress.  The transformation between Acts 2 and 3 when Annina strips away Violetta’s dress, hair, make-up and the mood turns from vitality and partying to sickness and death, was truly inspired — and perfectly executed by Natalie (whose voice is absolutely on form).

A great night out… in!


1. Peter Kubinski - 2011/07/18

It was a wonderful production, Dave. It seems to have created quite a stir, see Inverne’s review at Gramophone Magazine for example.

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