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We’re Back! 2011/07/24

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[B&W Pic of African Dancing]We’re back, in fact everyone’s back!  The sun’s shining, everyone’s happy. Good times!

Papa and Charlie have reported that India is really making progress (they keep on about us going out there with them sometime).  It was just magic to see them again.

My mother is back from helping out with the twins in England. Joobes is recovering well now.  We’re all so thankful for that.

Charlie took care of Oli and DP to let us grab a wee break, a much needed break, and off we went.  Daddy Dave went straight from the office.  We really treated ourselves – flashy hotel, big meal in restaurant, fancy cocktails, a movie, drinks, sightseeing, mooching about shops. Bliss!

It was like a mini-vacation; we walked hand-in-hand through the busy throng of revellers and hawkers near midnight, wearing just shirts and flip-flops, and it was warm.  Warm!  O, how we have missed warm!  It was lovely to have the window open all night, and to sleep under just a thin sheet.

It was funny to see African Voodoo dancing, the beat was so infectious, and the dancing as hilarious and as colourful as the clothes. We had no camera, so had to rely on Daddy Dave’s old mobile phone camera.

[Pic of African Dancing] [Pic of African Dancing] [Pic of African Dancing]

And, yes, we’ got the sun!

L’homme qui voulait vivre sa vie” was what we watched at the cinema, and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.  The ending was a puzzle until we talked it over on the stroll back to the hotel (during which we stopped off for drinks in a bar).

It was uplifting to awaken to bright sunshine, and to enjoy a leisurely breakfast before some sightseeing — we strolled around the art gallery, for once without the kids.

Where did we go? Nowhere; we simply booked a room for the night in Glasgow. Yes, we took a vacation to our own city, and it was magic. Voodoo dancing included.

You know, we ought to treat ourselves more often. Ah, this is the life!


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