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Inverse Fame 2011/10/03

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[Picture of an MTV logo]What a laugh – people have been getting in touch about Ruth playing guitar on MTV.  It was only a few seconds, but it is surprising how many people have seen it and got in touch.

It reminds me of the time we were watching Satellite TV in Tuscany many years ago — and on she came in front of millions of people cool as a cucumber. She shrugs and takes it in her stride.  I am the polar opposite as I shun the cameras.  Even so I have been roped in for her Dad’s radio show and for doing the odd gig for charity — sometimes bass, but usually lead guitar. We try to steer clear of such things these days; we’ve had our moments on the spotlight, and its been great fun.

Don’t get me wrong, we still like making music, but of course, since we got married and had children, we’ve not been playing very much at all.  We did try to do some recording in the studio at home, but the system is so sensitive, we pick up neighbours’ conversations (even whispered ones), and frankly, we canny hear any more about folk called Gary, Alan, Jamie, or Letitia or about busking and acting! LOL. Enough already!

As the kids grow, we realise that we have to show them the way, so we are going to start writing some new material soon, and then we’ll see what happens.  The focus is not on fame and fortune, obviously, but on creating an environment for our children.

Oli’s hands are amazing, she wants to play violin, granny wants to teach her piano and musical theory, I want her on ‘cello, but mummy loves her singing.  She picks thirds and fifths easily when harmonising with DP — who can hold a melody pitch perfect. DP’s got “his moves”,  so watch this space — he could be the next Alston!

We love living though and for our children now.  What will they become? They both love to draw and paint, and do it incessantly. Ruth plays for tots, but mainly they hear music in the car.  From me it’s Jazz, opera and classical, from Mummy Ruth it’s rock and pop.

One good sign is that DP is completely disinterested in football — result!

October has been a wash out so far.  Joobes in England has been enjoying the heatwave while we have suffered a downpour!  On Friday night we had to rush both Oli and DP to the hospital after being on the phone to NHS24 for about 45 minutes.

The wee souls have been so sick.  DP has been ill since Wednesday, and Oli got sick on Friday morning.  Mummy Ruth has been run ragged changing bed sheets, emptying buckets of vomit, administering medicines and running the home.

I have been out-of sorts myself.  I have managed to hide a dead arm for the past few weeks.  The A&E gave me a crazy sling and a 3 month sick line — both of which I promptly tossed aside.  I have now a pronounced limp resulting for my cannot-be-bothered-to-get-my-foot-operation attitude, and the usual crap that comes from a life of martial arts, rugby, boxing and parachuting antics.  Yes, yes, I know, not so Dangerous Dave now huh?  But, I’m not a complete deadbeat, I have never — ever — allowed myself to be beaten by ill heath.  Can you imagine the amount of times I have recovered from serious injury, relearning to play guitar or even to write, — to walk properly — you name it; I’ve been there!  The only thing I would say on it is that as I get older, it takes a wee bit more time each time, that’s all.

I caught the virus on Thursday night, and got little sleep with the kids throwing up and Ruthie running about.  Friday I was high on prescription drugs, and the entire weekend I was basically in bed in a delirium. Poor Ruthie!

We’re both looking forward to the last quarter of 2011; we set this year aside for getting around to attending to outstanding business (loose ends), and it has been going really well so far, just very slowly.  Everything is going to plan, and we’re still feeling pretty groovy about it.


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