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Murder? 2011/10/06

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Friends, Musings.
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Colin NorrisOnce again, loads of people have been getting in touch.  This time it is because the BBC ran a program about convicted serial killer Colin Norris.

They showed some old footage of “The Boyfriend” that had my sister, Joobes, and Colin Norris on stage.  We went to school with Colin.  When I heard that he was convicted of being a serial killer, I was very surprised.

Having watched the TV program, and the expert opinion of Prof Vincent Marks, I think there is a reasonable doubt that Nurse Colin murdered anyone. It certainly seems to be the case that the jury was misled, so this conviction is unsafe — of that I have no doubt. Poor Colin!

What’s happening to the justice system?  That was England.  Scotland’s Justice system is being revamped and overhauled.  Will it be better? Who knows, but I suspect it probably won’t be better — although it might be cheaper. I say might. It worries me that justice itself is so often in the dock these days.  Why is that? There have always been the occasional miscarriages of justice; no system is perfect. Not here in Scotland with the Lockerbie Bomber case, nor around the world.

[Picture of Meredith kercher]In Italy, my beloved Perugia, Amanda Knox is free.  Another unsafe conviction.  This time, though, there was an actual murder — which means that there has to be a murderer. And that murderer has been walking freely while Amanda Knox went to an Italian prison. Poor Amanda.

And what a shame for the family and friends  of Meredith Kercher.

The sad thing is that the story is never the real story.  The story is Amanda Knox now, not the murder of Meredith. Who DID it?!? The story of Colin is all about him being a “serial killer”, when that is removed, what’s the interest for the gutter press? What if these old ladies just died of natural causes? There is no murderer? It’s just a story about a miscarriage of justice — and we have an awful lot of them.

Daddy Dave and I have been recently quite upset by the whole Troy Davis affair.

It is such a shame that we can feel that we have just as much cause to be afraid of the state and the justice system as we have to be afraid of the baddies.

The answer is that we have to fight.  We have to struggle for rights, for what’s right.  We cannot let the bad people triumph.

If we cannot hold onto justice and truth and know what’s right from what’s wrong, then it is not a civilisation.  We have no agreed common good, and it’s ultimately every man for themselves.

Then God help us!


1. David Lovick - 2011/10/09

I have known Colin Norris since he attended the same school as my daughter and they became good friends. There is no way that he would carry out the crimes he was charged with.

Having watched the BBC Scotland programme regarding the So called evidence put forward by the prosecution and procedures which were NOT carried out to make sure if a crime had in fact been committed I am now more than ever sure that Colin Norris is innocent.

Mummy Ruth - 2011/10/10

Hi David, thanks for the comment. I remember Sarah and Colin as always being together It is such a tragedy isn’t it?

David Lovick - 2011/10/11

Hi, yes it is. I just hope there are fair minded, justice seeking people who will give the new experts evidence the airing needed and for the Justice Service to agree with them that he did not carry out the so called crimes. The justice system at the moment is a laughing stock. That is my personal opinion.

2. Freddie - 2013/05/19

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