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Ride Letter Day 2011/10/10

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Family, fun, Kids, real life, Reviews.
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Sunday was a Red Letter Day for us.  It was the day that DP learned to ride his bicycle without stabilisers. Yes! now all the family can ride bikes.

What we did was remove his pedals along with the stabilisers.  This gave him a “balance bike”. To be frank, purpose built balance bikes are a con when you think about it.

Well, he used his bike in this way for long enough, and despite his protests that it would be too difficult, on Sunday, we took him to a park that was quiet and flat, and raised his seat and attached his pedals… and goodness me, a push and he was off at high speed no problem at all!

He even turned and came back!  15 minutes later, and he was outside the park, on the pavement next to a busy road, heading to the supermarket!

We are so proud of him!  We both recall Oli just getting on with it — she was ready, and told us.  DP needed more encouragement and persuasion to give it a try, but in the end, both our children simply took to riding bikes as second nature, easy as pie.

We’ve said farewell to nappies, there’s no prams or high chairs now.  Things are changing alright! O words cannot describe how super we feel these days.  The time of our lives, really! As Daddy Dave’s pals say, “Get in”!


1. Leslie - 2011/10/10

So exciting! My son has tried a few times, but still wants to go back to the trainers. We took him to a school track, so it was flat, slightly curvy, and slightly padded if he fell. Sounds like your little guy took to it very well! Now, is the hard part…keeping up with him. Good luck!

Mummy Ruth - 2011/10/10

DP really didn’t want to give it a try at all! He also wanted to go back to stabilisers (no way was I going to let him go backwards). We’d talked about it a little bit, and he was determined not to try pedals. I have no idea why he went with it on Sunday, he verbally protested, but I just kept saying that we would just try it for a little bit… and it seemed to have worked!

Good luck with yours, and thanks for the lovely comments from a fellow blogger.

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