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Micky Flanagan 2011/11/01

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[Poster of Micky Flanagan. Out Out Tour 2011]We got granny to babysit and headed for the King’s Theatre to see Micky Flanagan.  We paid over twenty quid to sit in the gods (aka “The Gallery”).  He had no support and did two parts with a 15 minute interval.  We were out before quarter to ten.  It was a Sunday night after all.

He mentioned that this Out-Out Tour was 150 gigs, taking in the bigger venues like the King’s, which seats 1785.  And it was packed. A quick bit of mental arithmetic is called for… call it 20 quid a seat and 1800 seats is 36 grand times 150 nights gives a turnover of 5.4 million. You don’t have to know what the theatres charge (they make a fortune on concessions and the bar, so it won’t be that much), or calculate the publicity and management as it is just a few percent. Face it you cannot get lower overheads in a touring performance, a train fare and a cheap hotel is nothing. Let’s just say that this year, Micky has become a millionaire. He’s sorted.  We suspect that he might “Do a Frankie Boyle” or a “Phil Cool” and suddenly stop once he’s made enough dosh. Wouldn’t blame him, so we grabbed the chance to see him while the going is good.

As he said himself, he set out doing small clubs and pubs (and the annual Edinburgh Festival) since 1997.  He probably just got by as a professional comedian. 14 years on and he’s a millionaire, if not a multi-millionaire. And that’s not bad.

The show was about him. How he left school with no qualifications, how he signed on while working in the 1980s, that he likes a drink, and observational comedy mainly comparing the present Micky with the young Micky of days gone by.  He shares his amazement at how much “bollocks” we have now, and though he slagged off Margaret Thatcher, overall, he came across as quite conservative and old-fashioned. Working class council boy now middle aged and middle class, drinking wine and eating ponsey food.

He’s a grown up now, he tells us, in a stable relationship, a child, a house in a nice area, and all that.  But he suggests that he doesn’t fit in because he’s lazy and hates fancy “bollocks”. This is not Michael McIntyre, although at times I was reminded of Al Murray the Pub landlord in his delivery.

We knew quite a lot of the material from seeing him on TV, but he was still very good.  This is because he’s naturally funny — his voice is funny, and his cockney turn of phrase is hilarious to us.  Oh how we miss Delboy and Rodders!

Anyway, it was almost forty quid well spent; we had a good time, lots of laughs, admired his timing and comedic skills, and made it out to The Hengler’s Circus to sit at a window table and watch the world stroll by on Sauchiehall Street all dressed up for Hallowe’en — THAT was hysterical! What sights!

We’d had a brilliant night — and a brilliant afternoon as DP was invited to his pal Dylan’s for a Hallow e’en party. Dylan has a wee crush on Oli, so she was allowed to come to! This let Mummy Ruth and I free to go for Pizza at Beir Stube for a few hours in the afternoon. Sheesh, that place has gone downhill, but the pizza’s were good, and we weren’t in a hurry for once and thank goodness!

It was so nice to have a chillax Sunday, like the old days before kids! But like Micky, we talked of the past — how the city has changed so much, how the recession seems to have closed most of the old places down, and that we no longer know where’s good to go anymore.

Saturday was a chaos filled with twins, a sister, a granny and toys and noise! Yes, Joobes and the twins were over.

In fact granny, Joobes, Mummy Ruth and Oli all went out to Bella Napoli on Friday night for Mummy Ruth’s birthday meal (it’s gone down hill too — half of the menu was “off”), seems like many years ago that this part of the city had a buzz about it.  It’s all closed shops these days. Oh well. The girls had a great time out nevertheless.  I babysat a houseful of boys.  Thankfully they were no trouble, but I can handle big families and lots of kids as I am time-served.

Phew, it’s been a busy few weeks — we’ve been double busy!



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