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Xmas Night Out 2011/12/17

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[Photo of We Were Promised Jetpacks taken at ABCO2 gig in Glasgow]Yesterday was my main client’s Christmas work’s lunch. The entire office (about 40 of the Glasgow team plus  contractors/ freelancers) booked a “boutique hotel” (whatever that is) on Bath Street, and we had the usual sporadically served, cold Christmas rubbish food one has come to expect after years of experience. 

It cost me £35 for a dod of paté, a cold steak, a teenie choc dessert and 4 cans (yes, cans) of Guinness. I was done.  But I am always done at Christmas Lunch, we all are.

The day wore on, and folks started to get sleepy, belligerent or amorous.  I was all three.

We started at Noon.  By nine I was up for a change — so I went to see (for no proper reason) We Were Promised Jetpacks at the ABC O2.  This was followed by a full nightclub, and then the bizarre surreality that is Glasgow on the Big Night That Every Office Has A Christmas Party.

I have to say, I saw some extraordinary sights on the streets of that once- proud and staid city. Gawd help us all!

I made it home at not long before 3am. Glad to be alive. Sort-of.


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