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Tramp Attack! 2012/02/11

Posted by Daddy Dave in Gritty Urban Realism.

We actually got attacked on the street by a tramp today!

Luckily our daughter was in England and our son was out with Papa and Charlie for the day.  Goodness, what’s the world coming to?

We started the day working on Oli’s bedroom redecoration. Papa took DP out to give us some time.  I had to nip out to the local shops to get an extra scraper tool and some bits and bobs. The mad spinster cat lady was hanging about the outside stairs being nosy and enjoying herself as usual. Poor soul; this building is all she has in the whole world. Seeing her like that brought it home to me how sad some people are, and how lonely folk become fixated on what normal people consider to be trivial things.  I was thankful for what I had.

When I got in I told Mum to down tools and get ready; life’s too short for wallpaper stripping — instead we got ready and went out for a lovely long leisurely lunch in a local bistro.

We lingered over the meal, and then strolled back to the car to take a run south to Wholefoods for some fancy foods and teatime nibbles.  Mum loves this supermarket, and — of course, we overspent, considerably.

When we returned home, and parked outside our front door, a filthy, smelly old tramp started giving us lip.  We tried to ignore him, but he was getting agitated.  I felt sorry for the old bugger; he was clearly shaking from lack of drink or drugs. His girlfriend (what a state) came to support him, but we somehow managed to rise above the madness and get past and into our home.

We were actually assaulted and threatened — and our new CCTV captured it all! Well, you just never know with these things do you — what ever can happen next?  It’s all very well laughing about it — but what if the children had been with us?  This sort of thing could scar them.  It is so ill-judged, so we decided to call the police and press charges.

There are a lot of mentally-ill and needy people out there.  We live in a crazy city with a very poor reputation for localised violence, so we cannot be too careful now that the children are growing older and know more about what’s going on around them.

There are massive advantages to living where we do in the city, and very few downsides like this.  Sure we’ve had drunks fall on the pram on a Saturday afternoon, and yes, Mum was mugged in a shop with her pram and a toddler.  I still remember the day DP was stolen from the pub by a woman — and how lucky I was to have caught her before she got away. But these are a few isolated incidents over a lot of years.

There are giant rats, murders and fights almost every night of the week, but it’s all background noise mostly because we can simply keep ourselves to ourselves and go about our business in peaceful happy oblivion. This is a fact of city life. Hey, it makes life interesting!

We can re-assure everyone that this is not a serious matter, just 3 minutes of time where a couple of tramps lost the plot and got violent. We do not think this is a threat to our children or ourselves, despite the seriousness of the offence. At the end of the day it’s a judgement call whether to involve the authorities or not. We usually don’t, but this time we did. More for their sake than ours — so, please, relax everyone and stop fretting already!

For our part, we have a load of things to get on with and very little time in which to do them all.


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