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New Dripper 2013/01/25

Posted by Daddy Dave in Reviews, shopping, Tips and Tricks.
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[ photograph of coffee dripper]I am thrilled with my new dripper.

This one arrived yesterday from Amazon. What’s different about this dripper is that it has a valve, so the grounds are steeped for a while, rather than simply passing through. (more…)

Protected: Jeanne 2013/01/23

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Family.
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Happy New Year! 2013/01/01

Posted by Daddy Dave in real life.
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Happy New Year!

Our superb children are now firmly established at school, full time, and we have a large, happy network in the local community. Last year, we spent a fortune renovating our home so we can enjoy it better and everything will last for years to come. Structural integrity is incredibly expensive and scary, but terribly important.

2012 was a year where everything just seemed to go our way, sometimes with a wee struggle (after all, we live in a world populated by the stupid and dysfunctional) , but most of the time it was plain sailing. Long may this trend continue!