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New Dripper 2013/01/25

Posted by Daddy Dave in Reviews, shopping, Tips and Tricks.
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[ photograph of coffee dripper]I am thrilled with my new dripper.

This one arrived yesterday from Amazon. What’s different about this dripper is that it has a valve, so the grounds are steeped for a while, rather than simply passing through.

It makes 4 cups (espresso sized), 2 teacups or one mug of coffee if you fill it with water and add to 22g of ground coffee.  I grind the beans myself for two very good reasons, first is that it tastes better, but also because I need to get the texture right — not too coarse, but not espresso powder either.  Nearly espresso is about right 22g of coffee is about 3/4 espresso cup’s worth.

What I do is, put the kettle on, scoop beans with espresso cup, add to grinder and grind till I reckon it’s right. I pop a number 4 filter paper in the dripper, place on a cup and pour hot water just to wet the paper, It drains into the cup (sitting the dripper on a cup activates the valve).  I then remove it from the cup to the flat coaster, and add ground coffee before, slowly, adding the hot water to fill.

Being flat on the coaster, the valve is not activated, so the grounds steep. I put on lid. After a minute and a half, I lift the lid, stir twice, re-lid and wait for a couple of minutes before placing on mug or cup. It really is delicious!

The internet (youtube in particular) is filled with tips and techniques, and people really do take it all very seriously, temperature of the water, weighing the water instead of measuring it in litres, worrying about types of filter paper to use. Fascinating, but a bit too fiddly for making a cuppa!



1. Sebastiaan - 2013/01/25

I do wonder, what kind of grinder are you using that grinds until you “reckon its right”? If it’s a blade grinder i suggest getting yourself an actual (cheap) coffeegrinder so the particles have a more uniform size. It’ll do your coffee good. My experience with blade grinders is that some of the grounds are quite coarse and others are almost dust.

Daddy Dave - 2013/01/25

Wouldn’t you know it; I’ve just thrown a hand grinder in the dustbin on the “grounds” of hygiene (excuse pun), and am using a blade grinder. My results are pretty delicious if I say so myself, but I would be interested in a link to a recommended cheap grinder to see if it makes a big difference! I need an easy-clean one mind.

Sebastiaan - 2013/01/27

Handgrinders are often good grinders though, but i never tried them myself. Too labor intensive haha.

If you’ve ever looked on youtube for anything coffee related you probably have come across Seattle Coffee Gear. They do a lot of reviews on grinders, espresso and regular coffee machines and methods.

One brand i’ve heard coming up a lot lately is Capresso. They have a wide range of products including a few burr grinders. They’re not all that expensive either. Just checked Amazon for capresso and found this:


If you’re not afraid of second hand goods i really recommend looking into a Nemox Lux, or maybe even a Iberital Challenge (which essentially is the same machine but with more plastic and a timer added to it).

Daddy Dave - 2013/01/28

That’s pretty cool. I had a look at the Amazon UK site and there’s a big difference on what’s available. The nearest seems to be De’Longhi KG79 Professional Burr Grinder at 35 quid.

I think I’ll take your advice and keep my eye out for a bargain. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment here, so a Big Thanks for that.

In the meantime, I’m delighted with my kit – small blade grinder, French presses, Bialettis, and of course, the new dripper.

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