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Hello and welcome.

This is my website. It is 100% roman à clef. My on-line characters here are based on a real family and what they get up to. Other characters are written about that are completely fictional or based on a number of people blended together into a new character to make sense without the bother of writing a back story. Usually posts are written and then backdated, I decide what date to put on the each post as well as which of our characters to call the “author”. No offence is intended by this blog, on the contrary, I hope my posts help, inform, guide, entertain or encourage .

Peace and Love,

— webmaster



Any resemblance to real people living or dead is purely co-incidental. This entire blog is not factual. It is fiction sometimes based loosely on factual events or triggered by them, no more. I do not accept responsibility for recipes failing, restaurant recommendations being wrong, broken hyperlinks or anything resulting from the information or advice contained in this blog.

There are three access levels because this website is used for several distinct purposes.

PUBLIC: There are articles that can be openly accessed by anyone, and it’s nice to think that people from almost anywhere in the world might come across this site and try out a recipe or glean an impression of what it is like to live in Glasgow, or Scotland, or Britain at this time. Hopefully the impression I give will be more favourable than not!

There are also two kinds of private articles for which passwords are required.

HIDDEN: There are articles and comments that can only been seen by people I have authorised in one capacity or another, from viewer to administrator level.

PRIVATE: These are articles with public headers that require passwords.
These allow me to share articles by sending a link with a password through social media (such as facebook, linkedin, twitter, flikr &c) or directly via IM and email.

No part of this website may be reproduced in any way without my consent. This includes copyright infringement by printing out any pages. Just ask first, please.

Contact me using the comments below, I will not publish comments/ email addresses etc.


1. Camila Parker - 2007/04/11

My name is Camila Parker.
I saw your blog and I found it very interesting.
So, what do you think about our collaboration?
I believe it would be great to exchange blogs!
My blog is: http://cigarettesdelights.blog.com
Wait for your reply.
Good day
Camila Parker.

2. jeanne - 2007/09/30

googling ‘pasta’ things and your blog appeared. lovely family! hello from denver, colorado, usa..

3. Webmaster - 2007/10/01

Aw thanks, and hi to you guys across the world! Hope you enjoyed the blog!

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