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Little Shield Davos Stroller 2009/05/22

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DP has never had a brand new pram of his own, as both have been Olivia’s “hand me downs”. We still have the main pram, but I have found that I have been using the stroller more these days as he’s not a baby any more. DP walks now, so the stroller is just for him when he’s too tired, and he naps in it a lot, we need a new one that reclines.

So I had been looking for a while on the internet, (more…)

Protected: Home Boys 2009/01/08

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DP’s MMR 2008/09/11

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It was David Paul’s turn for the dreaded MMR today.

As it happened, he was not at all bothered.  We had some fun in the waiting room as a grannie took to DP immediately and they started having a lark.

When he got his jabs, he didn’t cry.

We left much as we came; it was such a non-event.  What a superb wee boy — we really are so blessed!



Govt Incompetence! 2007/11/24

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[Picture of scanned letter from HMRC tax apologising for losing our personal details]

Aw man, can you believe this? What’s the world coming to? The national news media has been giving it to the government for losing two burned CDs containing unencrypted personal data for all seven and a half million families who get child benefit or family allowance. I scanned in the letter for public record.

It says: (more…)

First Jabs for DP 2007/07/12

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David Paul’s ‘Two Month Jabs’ had been scheduled for today, however, it’s not the same as with Olivia (more…)

Buying Disposable Nappies 2007/06/17

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I hate shopping for disposable nappies; I almost always get it wrong — and now the problem has got worse because I’m shopping for two kids and two sizes. I have searched the web for help on this, but nowhere can I find a definitive list of sizes to compare and contrast, so I took a post-it note along to the supermarket, and here are my findings: (more…)

Olivia on YouTube! 2007/03/18

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We love YouTube — and felt guilty that we were not giving, just taking all the time — so we decided to upload an AVI clip I took of Olivia messing about (more…)

The Scan That Never Was 2007/01/22

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Baby, Health, Whinge.

We are furious! The NHS is a complete joke! I was given a first ultrasound scan on 13 November last year, and a follow-up antenatal check-up on Wednesday 6 December 2006 where I heard the baby’s heart beat for the first time. They said then thatI would be closely monitored and I was given all sorts of promises and reassurances, but then (more…)

Name Calling 2006/12/30

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It is only in relatively recent times here and in North America that people have decided that their name is also what they are called — and that it is unchanging and fixed forever — with particular spellings, no changing while abroad, and no shortening, lengthening, traditional versions or pet names allowed!

How inflexible and Orwellian! Yuk! (more…)

Protected: Spots, Coughs ‘n Giant Scones! 2006/10/29

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Pneumococcal Vaccine (PCV) 2006/09/09

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This morning a letter from NHS Scotland recommended that Olivia receives an immunisation called the Pneumococcal Vaccine (PCV) — and that we shall automatically receive an appointment in due course unless we decide against her having it for some reason.

My initial reaction was the fear that I had to have my daughter vaccinated against PVC!

Why is it that are such things always so tricky? Pneumococcal could quite easily be mis-spelled Pneumoccocal, Pneumoccoccal, Pneumococal, Numocockle etc.

I am convinced they do it on purpose to spoil web-searches and prevent people from asking questions verbally as well as in writing.

Anyway and despite this, some of the toddler group mums were discussing this new vaccine just last week. Apparently this has just recently been introduced into the “routine childhood immunisation programme” and includes a catch-up for all children under two.

This streptococcus pneumoniae vaccine reduces the risks of Pneumococcol disease (which includes meningitis and septicaemia).

Teething Times 2006/07/11

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We put baby Olivia to bed at the normal time of 19:30, bath, story etc. — and all seemed well; there was no problem with her getting off to sleep.

David and I drank beer and watched the World Cup Final on TV before going to bed (at a reasonable hour for once!).

Then — around about 01:00, in her nursery, Olivia started to cry out, and it took me a while to realise she wasn’t settling back to sleep. Eventually I dragged myself from my deep slumbers and tried to settle her. She was not at all happy! I changed her nappy, and gave her a drink of water, but she continued to scream. This is very unusual for Olivia, who has always been a great sleeper. But the night had just begun… (more…)

Lightweight Stroller 2006/06/19

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Baby, shopping.

It’s over a year now since we bought our ‘travel system’.  It’s been great, but recently we’ve been looking for a cheap and really  lightweight stroller now that Olivia’s walking with reins. Today I received delivery of a lightweight stroller in red for Olivia ordered at the fabby Kiddicare website!

[Picture of our Red cadet Buggy]

It cost £24.99 (rrp £29.99) and also included postage and packing and free stuff (2 sunshades for the car). I bought a few other thing too, a red travel harness by Baboz for babies from 6months and up. It’s hard to describe but have a look at the website and a pink click-clip parasol for the buggy by ‘Clair de Lune’.

Baboz web site

I only ordered them late Thursday 15th and received them today at lunchtime, wow! We immediately took the buggy for a stoll and were amazed at how light it was to push and carry up and down the stairs, looks like a good buy. We have not tried the harness yet but looking forward to using that; it can fold into a bag because it’s all material, so it’s easy to take out and about with us in case there is no highchair available. Great for taking on holiday?

The Dreaded MMR 2006/03/22

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This afternoon, Dave and I had to take baby Olivia along to the Surgery for her MMR vaccination. This was Dave’s first time with the baby and the jabs… and he was worried about the whole thing. It’s been a while since the last jabs… 12th July last year.
As it happened, it was really good that Dave was there as it seemed to have a positive effect on the wee one, and she didn’t cry at all! He was very impressed with her! The jab was on her wee right leg only, so it was over in a flash, and suddenly we were out, pushing the pram in the afternoon sunshine.

There’s been quite a media controversy about the MMR jab.

As responsible parents, we discussed the single MMR issues and looked into it, and we cannot understand what all the fuss is about to be honest. We have more of an issue with the poor standards at the NHS in general, and worry that Olivia might get mistreated in some way through negligence — like last month and that seven-week old baby getting an MMR by mistake!

Aurora Highchair 2005/08/22

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We received delivery of Olivia’s highchair today, it’s a Cosatto Aurora Plus Highchair in Grey Leatherette. We ordered it through Kiddicare.com and it cost £59.99 (RRP £89.99), which is not a bad deal.

Our Highchair!

The highchair features:

  • Fully adjustable seat height… slides up and down the front part of the A frame.
  • The seat reclines at 3 positions, but we find that clicking them can be a bit hit’n’miss – she can be sucking away at her bottle and suddenly the seat will pop her back to the lower setting!  We have learned to do a quick security test after clicking to a position.  The recline is great; after a solids meal, she reclines and we laugh as her feet find their way up and into view past the trays!
  • A five-point harness keeps her safe and secure (but are hard to clean and they make removing and refitting the padded cover a bit of a drag).
  • The removable trays clip together, the top white one has a cup-holder.  We let Olivia use the white tray as a dinner plate and the grey clipped-on one for play.  The trays have 3 click-positions to allow for growth, and you can unclick them (2 handed job) for better access (removing Olivia without waking, for example).
  • We LOVE the luxurious super-soft leatherette padded seat cover — just like a top-range car! Wish they did an adult version!
  • Olivia and I love the handy storage basket for all the toys and other bits and pieces. She’s always in at this, so it is just as well that the seat is so stable and chunky — she swings about and all sorts!

All-in-all, Olivia seems very comfy in her new chair, I think she likes it. What I like about it is the fact that her favourite toys can be stored in the basket underneath the chair so she can play whilst I potter about in the kitchen.  The chair as a whole is quite bulky and might not be suitable for smaller kitchens, but it does fold down into a smaller size when not in use, have a look at the features on Cosatto’s website… be wary though, there is also a cossato manufacturer of children’s stuff — it’s just a spelling difference, I don’t know how they can get away with THAT!!!

Third Jabs! 2005/07/12

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Finally, it was time for Olivia’s ‘fourth month jabs’ — the third and last of exactly the same immunisation injections in exactly the same legs — the right leg for Diphtheria / Tetanus / Whooping Cough / Polio — and the left leg for Hib / Men C jabs.

She still cried, but like the first and second times, the tears didn’t last long, and all-in-all, she seems to have taken all these immunisations in her stride.

The Cot Bed 2005/05/09

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Baby, shopping.

We couldn’t see a good cot or cot bed in the shops or at the Mother and baby show, so I searched around on-line and found a real bargain on eBay.

It was actually from a great company in Birmingham, called ‘Just Kidding’ (just-kidding.com). I went for the Victoria cot bed (a name used by well-known brands) — the instructions say ‘Victoria/ Elizabeth cot bed’, but I reckon that just means the instructions are for both the Elizabeth and the Victoria, rather than the cot bed being known as Victoria/ Elizabeth!

I paid just £139.99 in total — and that included delivery and packing as well as the mattress (most cots and cot beds exclude the mattress). That’s a real bargain, and I am very pleased indeed… (thanks to “The_pro_trader” and eBay).

Once again the couriers delivered it without fuss (and within a few days of ordering), and Dave said it only needed the supplied zig-zag Allan key to put it together.

Having said that, Dave already had a correct size of Allan key — but he had sawn off the L-shaped end to leave a straight hex bar. This is what he used to assemble the cot bed in minutes — he simply attached this hex bar into his cordless drill (instead of a drill bit or screw-driver attachment), and pressed the trigger to speed up the whole process! saves all the hand-turning nonsense! Brilliant!

We set the bed base and mattress at the highest position, and it’s great not to have to bend down far. Olivia took to it immediately. Her wee room is now a ‘proper’ nursery at last!

I will take the old pram we got from Dave’s sister Peg to the Charity shop tomorrow.

Baby Einstein Language Nursery 2005/05/02

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Today we received delivery of our Baby Einstein (Walt Disney) DVDs all the way from China!

[Picture of Our Chinese Baby Einstein Santa Boxed Set]

The boxed set contained 15 DVDs and only cost a total of £15.00 — including postage and packaging all the way from from China! At the Baby Einstein website each individual DVD retails at $19.99 — which is more or less £10.00 per DVD —  meaning we would have paid at least £150, not to mention postage and packing from the USA! We think a 90% discount is a very good deal, so thanks China — and eBay again!  Here's the list of discs:

  • Baby Noah (Animal Expedition)
  • Baby Neptune (Discovering Water)
  • Baby Newton (Discovering Shapes)
  • Baby Van Gogh (World of Colour)
  • Baby da Vinci (From Head to Toe)
  • Baby Beethoven (Symphony of Fun)
  • Baby Bach (Musical Adventure)
  • Baby Mozart (Music Festival)
  • Baby Shakespeare (World of Poetry)
  • Baby McDonald (A day on the Farm)
  • Baby Galileo (Discovering the Sky)
  • Numbers Nursery
  • Neighborhood Animal
  • World Animals
  • Language Nursery

The important thing is that Olivia loves the DVDs, her favourite at the moment seems to be the Beethoven one, although we haven't worked our way through them all yet.  She really does seem mesmerised by them — we find that it keeps her concentrating and interested for the length of the DVD… giving us time to get on with other things!

It's kind-of Sesame-Streety, but (thankfully) not very US American… it defeats the educational purpose if we have to correct the spelling and pronounciations! 

Baby Sling 2005/04/07

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Well, we eventually got the baby sling we wanted, on-line of course! We got it last week from a fabulous seller on eBay called ‘Kids_are_cheaper_by_the_dozen’. (more…)

The Contented Little Baby 2005/04/02

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[Picture of Gina Ford's Book Cover]In the last stages of my pregnancy, I bought a wonderful ‘Baby Help’ book from Amazon: The New Contented Little Baby Bookby Gina Ford. Once Olivia and I were home, I tried to implement Gina’s schemes with varying rates of success. I guess every baby is his or her own person, and that we might be lucky with Olivia’s temperament — or maybe Gina Ford is a complete genius. Who knows — maybe it’s a bit of both. Anyway, we feel confident enough to recommend her book. (more…)

The Pram 2005/03/07

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I am beginning to panic; we still have nothing. We need a pram and we need it badly. However, it turns out you don’t get mere prams any more; it’s a ‘travel system!’! (more…)

The Evolve Changer 2005/03/06

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[Picture of the “Evolve Changer - Millie & Boris” by Mamas & Papas]A Big Thank-You to Ruthie’s sister and mother for their wonderful gift for baby Olivia — an ‘Evolve Changer’ from ‘Mamas & Papas‘. We’ve had it for a few weeks now, and it’s been well used since everyone got home recently. (more…)

Mother & Baby Show 2005 2005/03/05

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Well, it had to happen sometime I suppose. Not that we had to actually like it, but we do have to get on with the inevitables. Yes, we parents had to leave our baby for a few hours in the hands of a babysitter. Ugh!

Mum and daughter are home a couple of days… but we need everything! So there was no avoiding it; we had to get to the Mother and Baby Expo at the Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre (SECC), and we just felt it was the lesser evil to leave her with a babysitter as opposed to catching some dreadful bug from the teeming hoards.

Not for one minute (more…)

Protected: A Baby Girl! 2005/02/15

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All About Pre-Eclampsia and Eclampsia 2005/02/14

Posted by Dave in Baby, Health.

I was told just before I left the office that Ruth’s condition has worsened, and that she will be induced tomorrow morning, so I decided to investigate ‘Pre-eclampsia’ on the web… here’s what I found out… (more…)