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Oral Fail 2011/05/06

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[scan of School Letter about Dental Care]Daddy Dave and I were pretty shocked with the latest missive from Olivia’s primary school. In Primary One, the very first year of schooling (children are four or five years of age, with baby teeth), just over half had normal teeth.  Of the 43.9 per cent of bad teeth, a whopping 14 per cent had severe decay!

In this day-and-age! Goodness me. The figures for the last year of the Primary school system — Primary Seven — is about the children’s adult set of teeth, so these kids get a wiped slate and a fresh start.

What a shame! The “bad teeth” numbers rose dramatically — what was 43.9 per cent in P1, has become nearly 81 per cent by P7. (more…)

Slimming Tips from the BBC 2011/01/14

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We were sent a link to the BBC iPlayer for “10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight”.  It purported to have the very latest scientific tips on losing weight.  It featured Dr Michael Mosely — the chap doing the brain programmes for the BBC.  He didn’t look fat, but scans showed that he was fat on the inside. That was surprising; we’d always assumed that only those who were fat on the outside got fat on the inside.

Frankly, we were surprised that there was a surprise — and also that there was another surprise in the programme.  Hey, TWO things were didn’t actually know beforehand — well done BBC! (more…)

Waste Matters 2010/10/20

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[Picture of half-litre of Laevolac]Poor Oli — she’s been constipated all week.

I took her to the GP open surgery first thing Monday morning.  We waited an age outside in the rain in line, then we waited ages indoors in the crowded waiting room.

The female GP was quite efficient as it was cold. She decided pretty quickly that a prescription of Laevolac would be in order.  (more…)

Bad Skin Cream 2010/10/20

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Oli has always had sensitive skin, so we watch the washing and laundry products we buy and use.

However, eczema appeared on her wee hands, and so we have been using cream to moisturise and protect her skin there.

The eczema seemed to be getting worse of late, so I have been particularly attentive in applying the BP cream — that is until I read a scary article at (more…)

Low Fat Cheesecake 2010/07/19

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Recipe for delicious low fat cheesecake that is perfect for people on a high protein, low fat and low carbohydrate slimming diet.

Prep Time: 5 mins.,
Cooling Time: 15 mins.,
Serves: 2. (more…)

Protected: Home Boys 2009/01/08

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DP’s MMR 2008/09/11

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It was David Paul’s turn for the dreaded MMR today.

As it happened, he was not at all bothered.  We had some fun in the waiting room as a grannie took to DP immediately and they started having a lark.

When he got his jabs, he didn’t cry.

We left much as we came; it was such a non-event.  What a superb wee boy — we really are so blessed!



Lazy Town 2007/08/22

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Yay! Olivia is going to be soooo happy that we have tickets for her to see Lazy Town live!


[Picture of Promotional Lazy Town material] [Picture of Olivia as Stephanie from Lazy Town]

She completely loves the Stephanie character (Julianna Rose Mauriello) , and dances about the room wearing the pink Stephanie wig Ruth got her! I am considering getting the CD from the shops… (more…)

First Jabs for DP 2007/07/12

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David Paul’s ‘Two Month Jabs’ had been scheduled for today, however, it’s not the same as with Olivia (more…)

The Scan That Never Was 2007/01/22

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We are furious! The NHS is a complete joke! I was given a first ultrasound scan on 13 November last year, and a follow-up antenatal check-up on Wednesday 6 December 2006 where I heard the baby’s heart beat for the first time. They said then thatI would be closely monitored and I was given all sorts of promises and reassurances, but then (more…)

Favourite Numbers 2006/12/11

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What is it with numbers? (yes, we are trying to teach Olivia to count to 3). Why are so many people afraid of them? I actually know people who are scared of mathematics and arithmetic! I also know people who are superstitious about specific numbers. I was born on the 27th — a number supposedly considered to be ‘unlucky’ by the Chinese, much in the same way as 13 seems to be unlucky to Westerners.


Protected: Spots, Coughs ‘n Giant Scones! 2006/10/29

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Pneumococcal Vaccine (PCV) 2006/09/09

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This morning a letter from NHS Scotland recommended that Olivia receives an immunisation called the Pneumococcal Vaccine (PCV) — and that we shall automatically receive an appointment in due course unless we decide against her having it for some reason.

My initial reaction was the fear that I had to have my daughter vaccinated against PVC!

Why is it that are such things always so tricky? Pneumococcal could quite easily be mis-spelled Pneumoccocal, Pneumoccoccal, Pneumococal, Numocockle etc.

I am convinced they do it on purpose to spoil web-searches and prevent people from asking questions verbally as well as in writing.

Anyway and despite this, some of the toddler group mums were discussing this new vaccine just last week. Apparently this has just recently been introduced into the “routine childhood immunisation programme” and includes a catch-up for all children under two.

This streptococcus pneumoniae vaccine reduces the risks of Pneumococcol disease (which includes meningitis and septicaemia).

No Smoke Without 2006/08/11

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I stopped smoking cigarettes one year ago!

My how time flies — and I have been free from craving and the other reported symptoms. It’s all down to Dave Waddell who took £80.00 from me in return for a couple of hours of hypnotheraphy. I smoked my last cigarette at 17:00 on 10th August 2006, on his doorstep before the cessation session. (more…)

Teething Times 2006/07/11

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We put baby Olivia to bed at the normal time of 19:30, bath, story etc. — and all seemed well; there was no problem with her getting off to sleep.

David and I drank beer and watched the World Cup Final on TV before going to bed (at a reasonable hour for once!).

Then — around about 01:00, in her nursery, Olivia started to cry out, and it took me a while to realise she wasn’t settling back to sleep. Eventually I dragged myself from my deep slumbers and tried to settle her. She was not at all happy! I changed her nappy, and gave her a drink of water, but she continued to scream. This is very unusual for Olivia, who has always been a great sleeper. But the night had just begun… (more…)

The Dreaded MMR 2006/03/22

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This afternoon, Dave and I had to take baby Olivia along to the Surgery for her MMR vaccination. This was Dave’s first time with the baby and the jabs… and he was worried about the whole thing. It’s been a while since the last jabs… 12th July last year.
As it happened, it was really good that Dave was there as it seemed to have a positive effect on the wee one, and she didn’t cry at all! He was very impressed with her! The jab was on her wee right leg only, so it was over in a flash, and suddenly we were out, pushing the pram in the afternoon sunshine.

There’s been quite a media controversy about the MMR jab.

As responsible parents, we discussed the single MMR issues and looked into it, and we cannot understand what all the fuss is about to be honest. We have more of an issue with the poor standards at the NHS in general, and worry that Olivia might get mistreated in some way through negligence — like last month and that seven-week old baby getting an MMR by mistake!

Third Jabs! 2005/07/12

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Finally, it was time for Olivia’s ‘fourth month jabs’ — the third and last of exactly the same immunisation injections in exactly the same legs — the right leg for Diphtheria / Tetanus / Whooping Cough / Polio — and the left leg for Hib / Men C jabs.

She still cried, but like the first and second times, the tears didn’t last long, and all-in-all, she seems to have taken all these immunisations in her stride.

All About Pre-Eclampsia and Eclampsia 2005/02/14

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I was told just before I left the office that Ruth’s condition has worsened, and that she will be induced tomorrow morning, so I decided to investigate ‘Pre-eclampsia’ on the web… here’s what I found out… (more…)