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Smurftastic! 2011/09/26

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[Picture of Smurfs Movie 2011 poster]Papa and Charlie took Oli and DP to the cinema to see The Smurfs.  They loved it!

Oli seemed more switched on about the plot and the characters in so far as she talked about it — she reviewed the movie to me when I got home from the office.  DP was in agreement, but I noticed that he did not have the capacity for critique. Hmmn. That boy needs work!

From all accounts, it seemed to be a smashing film, and I am quite sad I missed it.

Whatever Works 2010/10/23

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[picture of the cover of Whatever works]Ruthie and I just watched Woody Allen’s “Whatever Works” which came out last year.  We thoroughly enjoyed this film in all respects.

It is very New York — which is good for us; NY has been out of fashion for too long!  Larry David is brilliant as Boris Yelnikoff a grumpy old man and typical New York Jew.  We roared with laughter at times; it is a film filled with glee. But most of all it is the subliminal, underlying wisdom that clinched it for us. This film is sooo true — but in extremis! (more…)

Certified Copy 2010/09/16

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[Still from Certified Copy the Movie]We went to the GFT last night to see “Certified Copy“.  WELL WORTH SEEING. **** We somehow managed to get a parking ticket after 8pm!  We always park there, and have always assumed the rule to be anything goes after 6pm. Oh well, 30 quid onto the ticket price for the first night out we’ve have in 18 months. (more…)

Up! 2009/10/25

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[Picture of Up by Disney Pixar]Tonight we all watched “Up” — the new movie from Pixar and Disney. Daddy Dave was brought to tears — big softie!

The kids seemed to enjoy it, which surprised me until I realised that so many so-called children’s movies and books have fairly adult content.

One of Olivia’s favourites (more…)

Kung Fu Panda 2008/07/20

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[Picture of kung fu panda]We got to see Kung Fu Panda this afternoon, so we could finally make sense of what Olivia has been going on about (she loves it, and saw it a couple of weeks ago). (more…)

Eden 2008/07/19

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[Picture of Eden movie poster]Married with children means that is difficult to get to the GFT, or indeed any cinema, so we had to wait a couple of years to rent the DVD of “Eden”. (more…)

‘A very long engagement’ 2007/04/02

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Un long dimanchedefiançailles or ‘A very long engagement’ DVD rental arrived in the post from easycinema, so we settled down this evening to enjoy the movie.

For a while, at the beginning, it was unconvincing, and disengaging (more…)

‘Heaven’ 2007/03/26

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At the laptop on the kitchen table, I stopped for a break from work. I decided to make some fresh coffee and while I waited, I switched on the TV and flicked through the channels. A film was just starting, and the way it was filmed caught and held my attention.

I watched as I made the coffee; it looked interesting. It seemed Italian, but where in Italy? Then there was Cate Blanchett. Yes, Cate Blanchett — in an Italian movie. Cate Blanchett in an Italian movie talking Italian. No — surely not. (more…)

Favourite Numbers 2006/12/11

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What is it with numbers? (yes, we are trying to teach Olivia to count to 3). Why are so many people afraid of them? I actually know people who are scared of mathematics and arithmetic! I also know people who are superstitious about specific numbers. I was born on the 27th — a number supposedly considered to be ‘unlucky’ by the Chinese, much in the same way as 13 seems to be unlucky to Westerners.


‘The Libertine’ 2005/11/30

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I remember hearing or reading a couple of news stories regarding 'The Libertine' — one was that the star, Johnny Depp, was being hounded by fans during filming, and the other was that because of some tax changes by Tony Blair's government, filming in the UK had to be stopped and everyone went abroad (to the Isle of Man in this particular case, if I remember rightly). Ironic/apt.

I had no big preconceptions beforehand, Johnny Depp being in it really does not give anything away, but I did think it appropriate later when I discovered that the film was about the second Earl of Rochester — a man who like Depp was hounded by adoring fans. Rochester was like a popstar back in the mid 1600s. (more…)

‘Charlie & The Chocolate Factory’ 2005/11/28

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I have to say right out that I have NOT seen the 'original' Gene Wilder version — 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory', nor have I read the book, so (more…)

‘Batman Begins’ 2005/11/27

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Perversely, the written word, and therefore the imagination, has always been where the realism lies. Realism was first a problem for the stage and live performance arts, and now for television, movies and games. (more…)

‘De battre mon coeur s’est arrête’ 2005/11/06

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For Ruth's 30th, we went into the city centre for a night-out. First we went to the multi-storey cinema at the top of Renfield St — used to be called the UCG or UGC, but is now badged as "CineWorld" — and got two tickets for Mr.Jacques Audiard's 'De battre mon coeur s'est arrête'.

Then we strolled to 'Walkabout' for a quick drink before deciding to try out the authentic pizza from 'O' Sole Mio' — complete with famous genuine wood-burning, stone pizza oven. (more…)

‘Amélie’ 2005/10/17

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On the site of the old Glasgow Apollo/ Green’s Playhouse venue, in Glasgow city, a new multi-storey UCG Cinema was built, and at our first visit a couple of years back, we saw ‘Amélie’. The film was, for me, in competition with the new venue, so I was looking forward to watching it on the small screen tonight. In the spirit of ‘Amélie’– I like watching films on both TV and cinema. (more…)

‘Coffee and Cigarettes’ 2004/08/20

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Last night, Ruth and I popped along to the UGC multi-storey multiplex cinema on Renfield & Bath at 19:00 to see the 'Coffee and Cigarettes' Jarmusch movie.

We quite enjoyed this funny wee film; it was certainly different! Shot in monochrome throughout, it's just a sequence of sketches. Always at a table in one coffee shop or another, it was shot over a great many years as an on-going side-project. (more…)

‘Shrek 2’ 2004/07/30

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We really loved 'Shrek', so as soon as we could, we got tickets to see 'Shrek 2', but it was a dismal disappointment!

This sequel does not add anything to the original — in fact, it detracts from it! This is a parody of the original, while the original was a parody on Disney.

*so sad*

‘The Passion of The Christ!’ 2004/04/07

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I was taken along to a free showing of this Mel Gibson film at the Showcase off the M8 Motorway on 31st March; this is not a film I would have chosen to view because I know the story (having read the book), and in my experience, film versions are generally not a patch on the written word.

Let’s address the hype first as this film is causing a fuss (more…)

‘L’Ultimo Bacio’ 2004/03/02

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What can I say…? 'L'Ultimo Bacio' (which Ruth and I saw in the extremely loud UGC) is an excellent film indeed; filled to brimming with every conceivable emotion writ large! (more…)

‘School of Rock’ 2004/02/29

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Ruth and I went to see The School of Rock at Parkhead Forge cinema last night. It was quite entertaining, and while it's ostensibly crass, I reckon it may be a somewhat subliminal (or at least indirect) way to approach some important issues.

I am of the same generation as the main character, and I therefore caught all the musical and cultural references without skipping a beat. This engenders memories of my teens and early 20s, playing in bands, and trying to 'stick it to the man' (as they kept saying in this film).

However, (more…)

‘Kill Bill Vol 1’ 2003/10/27

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Just returned from Parkhead Forge cinema and Quentin Tarantino's 'Kill Bill vol.1'

I was a huge fan of 'Reservoir Dogs' and 'Pulp Fiction', and I enjoyed 'Jackie Brown', but 'Kill Bill vol.1' is very different indeed.

Whereas the others had plots and scripts, interesting characters, choice actors, great editing and pacing, few 'special effects', pretty low budgets — and no actual violence, 'Kill Bill vol.1' was all expensive special effects, overwhelmingly graphic (and ridiculous) violence and gore, thin characterisations and zero ideas or plot.

What a disappointment indeed. (more…)

‘Respiro’ 2003/04/04

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Ruth and I popped along to the GFT with mumsie — and had a great time with 'Respiro' (subtitled Italian) — so refreshing to be away from Hollywood crap.

Aaah, it was like being on holiday!