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Wil! 2010/10/03

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We had a laugh on Friday morning at work.  I was declared to be looking like Terry Christian or Kevin Spacey, while David looked like Roy Hudd, Lynda looked like Family Guy’s Peter Griffin (but with Lois’s hair), Laura looked like a brunette Gwyneth Paltrow, and Michael looked like Chris Moyles or Andre Agassi.  The best was Wil — who looked like Murdoc from Gorillaz!

I was explaining all this to Ruthie after work by showing her videos from Youtube — and now the kids think the character of Murdoc is actually called “Wil”.  They actually LOVE Gorillaz’s music and have now watched all their HD videos several times — how mad is that.

Each time Murdoc appears, they shout in chorus “Wil!!!!”

My life is weird, non?

Here’s an embedded clip of Stylo from Gorillaz on YouTube.com…


Rodrigo y Gabriela 2009/11/26

Posted by Mummy Ruth in fun, Music, nights out, Reviews, video.
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[picture of Rodrigo y Gabriela tickets]Daddy Dave and I have been looking forward to tonight’s Rodrigo y Gabriela concert at the O2 Academy for ages. We had the babysitting logistics sorted, but we were nearly foiled by (more…)

Lazy Town 2007/08/22

Posted by Daddy Dave in Family, Health, nights out, video.

Yay! Olivia is going to be soooo happy that we have tickets for her to see Lazy Town live!


[Picture of Promotional Lazy Town material] [Picture of Olivia as Stephanie from Lazy Town]

She completely loves the Stephanie character (Julianna Rose Mauriello) , and dances about the room wearing the pink Stephanie wig Ruth got her! I am considering getting the CD from the shops… (more…)

How To Close a Bag of Crisps! 2007/06/14

Posted by Daddy Dave in hacks, Tips and Tricks, video.
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We have been using those plastic clips to keep bags shut, but then I came across this video which shows a new way to fold the bag to close it up tight (sadly through it doesn’t show us how to actually OPEN the damn thing): (more…)

How To Tie Shoelaces Fast! 2007/04/29

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I love the madness that is YouTube. Where else can you discover new ways to do everyday things. Here’s an excellent example — how to tie your shoelaces without doing the bunny ears… (more…)

Olivia on YouTube! 2007/03/18

Posted by Dave in Baby, video.
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We love YouTube — and felt guilty that we were not giving, just taking all the time — so we decided to upload an AVI clip I took of Olivia messing about (more…)

How To Fold A T Shirt Fast! 2006/09/23

Posted by Daddy Dave in hacks, Tips and Tricks, video.

I came across this on YouTube, and it took a wee while to figure out because you have to think mirror movements!  I watched this 30 second video over and over about 6 times! I suppose it shows a trick that is time and labour saving and all that, but at the end of the day it is a new fun way to do an ordinary everyday activity.  that and it’s a good party trick! (more…)