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Defunding 2012/07/22

Posted by Daddy Dave in Musings, real life, Whinge.
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After discussions and meetings and after careful consideration, we have decided to change the way we give back to the community. (more…)

Oral Fail 2011/05/06

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Health, Kids, Musings, real life, Whinge.
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[scan of School Letter about Dental Care]Daddy Dave and I were pretty shocked with the latest missive from Olivia’s primary school. In Primary One, the very first year of schooling (children are four or five years of age, with baby teeth), just over half had normal teeth.  Of the 43.9 per cent of bad teeth, a whopping 14 per cent had severe decay!

In this day-and-age! Goodness me. The figures for the last year of the Primary school system — Primary Seven — is about the children’s adult set of teeth, so these kids get a wiped slate and a fresh start.

What a shame! The “bad teeth” numbers rose dramatically — what was 43.9 per cent in P1, has become nearly 81 per cent by P7. (more…)

Waste Matters 2010/10/20

Posted by Daddy Dave in Health, Kids, Musings, Whinge.
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[Picture of half-litre of Laevolac]Poor Oli — she’s been constipated all week.

I took her to the GP open surgery first thing Monday morning.  We waited an age outside in the rain in line, then we waited ages indoors in the crowded waiting room.

The female GP was quite efficient as it was cold. She decided pretty quickly that a prescription of Laevolac would be in order.  (more…)

Bus Mess 2010/09/25

Posted by Daddy Dave in Family, Reviews, Whinge.
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[Bus tickets inward]DP has never been on a bus, so we decided that we would take a double decker into the city centre and back to give him that experience. Ruthie and I had never been on a bus together, and we have never travelled on a bus as a family, so what a brilliant idea!  (more…)

Nando Not 2010/06/12

Posted by Dave in Reviews, Whinge.
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[Picture of Menu leaflet from Nando's]We will never try to eat at Nando’s ever again because of what happened today.

It all started when Ruthie suggested that we drive all the way to Pollok to the Nando’s at Silverburn to get a half chicken takeaway for dinner.

When we arrived (more…)

Govt Incompetence! 2007/11/24

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Baby, Musings, Whinge.
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[Picture of scanned letter from HMRC tax apologising for losing our personal details]

Aw man, can you believe this? What’s the world coming to? The national news media has been giving it to the government for losing two burned CDs containing unencrypted personal data for all seven and a half million families who get child benefit or family allowance. I scanned in the letter for public record.

It says: (more…)

Tempus Fugit 2007/07/03

Posted by Daddy Dave in Musings, Whinge.
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I really do wish I had more time to spend with the Ruth, Olivia and David — but I have been forced into taking on too many projects simply to solve cash flow problems caused by new legislation, so I am now drowning in workload (more…)

Parking At The Princess Royal Maternity 2007/05/18

Posted by Daddy Dave in Tips and Tricks, Whinge.
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This is what the ticket machine has printed on it. Personally I don’t think it is very clear. I do not think most people would be too keen to stand in the cold wind and rain after parking their car, to figure out the real costs.

Charges Apply
8am – 6pm
10p per 12 minutes



The Scan That Never Was 2007/01/22

Posted by Mummy Ruth in Baby, Health, Whinge.

We are furious! The NHS is a complete joke! I was given a first ultrasound scan on 13 November last year, and a follow-up antenatal check-up on Wednesday 6 December 2006 where I heard the baby’s heart beat for the first time. They said then thatI would be closely monitored and I was given all sorts of promises and reassurances, but then (more…)

De-Flummoxing 2007/01/10

Posted by Daddy Dave in Reviews, Whinge.
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As a follow-up to my post entitled ‘Flummoxed‘, I have been rooting through Linux sites to try to understand the reasons for the confusion and profusion of distros. As there seems to be no single web resource available on this topic (amazingly), here’s what I have discovered (I hope someone finds this helpful): (more…)

Flummoxed 2006/11/26

Posted by Daddy Dave in Reviews, Whinge.
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[Picture of KDE logo]I am thinking about switching to Linux again! Years ago, I installed it on a Toshiba Satellite 2610, and my first impressions were good and bad; good looking operating system (‘KDE’ has 4 desktops!), but difficult and geeky to install.

I have now obtained another old laptop (with a swappable bay for floppies and CD ROMS), and it is struggling to run win2k. (more…)

Why a Sports Hater Wants to Win the Games 2006/10/14

Posted by Daddy Dave in hacks, Whinge.

I guess you don’t have to be a Glaswegian to back the city’s bid to host the Commonwealth Games in 2014. You can do so at the website (www.glasgow2014.com). I am backing the bid even though I must be the only man in the world who thinks watching a sport is tedious and boring! (more…)

The Future is NOT Orange 2006/09/13

Posted by Daddy Dave in Reviews, Whinge.

I am fed up! I thought I had better warn any readers of this blog right off that this is a moan/ rant.

This is the deal: It’s about Internet Access and Banks. (more…)

Too Much Variety in Laptops 2006/07/30

Posted by Dave in hacks, Reviews, shopping, Tips and Tricks, Whinge.

This is a call to laptop manufacturers to get their act together and come up with a standard arrangement of sockets, slots, drawers and even keys! There must be a lot of people like me — who have to use a variety of hardware and software under pressure to be productive amidst strange company procedures, networks, and whatnot.

From the point of view of software, I have developed a way to cope with relentless new versions and revisions to essential software packages, and my keyboard shortcuts also serve me well in using all sorts of unfamiliar software applications. As such, though, I worry when the keyboard layouts stay standard on desktops and vary wildly on laptops! (more…)

World Cup Fracas 2006/07/12

Posted by Dave in Reviews, Whinge.
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We watched the World Cup Final, and laughed at the English commentators. They could not resist mentioning the fact that the referee that sent off Zidane was the same fellow who dismissed Rooney! *sigh*

From what we have since read online and heard elsewhere, Ruth and I must be in the minority of people who ‘get it’! (more…)

Saveheat of Ayr 2003/11/01

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This is a classic rip off story: I stupidly paid them the final bit of cash before the work on my bathroom was complete (D’Oh!).  I kick myself; and I have never seen them again – and they’re still out there.  In addition to this – their work was incomplete, shoddy and downright dangerous too.

Protected: D & I Scott 2003/11/01

Posted by Dave in Musings, Reviews, Whinge.
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