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Inverse Fame 2011/10/03

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[Picture of an MTV logo]What a laugh – people have been getting in touch about Ruth playing guitar on MTV.  It was only a few seconds, but it is surprising how many people have seen it and got in touch. (more…)

Wil! 2010/10/03

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We had a laugh on Friday morning at work.  I was declared to be looking like Terry Christian or Kevin Spacey, while David looked like Roy Hudd, Lynda looked like Family Guy’s Peter Griffin (but with Lois’s hair), Laura looked like a brunette Gwyneth Paltrow, and Michael looked like Chris Moyles or Andre Agassi.  The best was Wil — who looked like Murdoc from Gorillaz!

I was explaining all this to Ruthie after work by showing her videos from Youtube — and now the kids think the character of Murdoc is actually called “Wil”.  They actually LOVE Gorillaz’s music and have now watched all their HD videos several times — how mad is that.

Each time Murdoc appears, they shout in chorus “Wil!!!!”

My life is weird, non?

Here’s an embedded clip of Stylo from Gorillaz on YouTube.com…


Mixing Up Music 2008/05/15

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People are amazing. I just saw a really good TV program tonight about music, and it restored my faith in human nature — and believe me, I needed that! (more…)